Secret Mission: Blue Cow Decal

How to get the secret blue cow decal!

1. View your friend’s list and search for derrick.
2. Go to derrick’s Condo. Click on him. He’ll say:

3. Now let’s visit Wonderland.
4. Ring the bell. Blue should come running, wow!

5. Go back to Derrick’s Condo.
6. He’ll give you the Decal for finding him. Aw, how sweet :)

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  • i am barbie

    juvia is the scariest

  • i am barbie


  • Holleycake

    add me ~> Holleycake

  • Jane Ourworld


    • SML Burrito 8D


      • i am barbie


  • Kitty Goes Purr

    Did you know, since the cow follows you everywhere…… You can show off with the cow at events!!!

  • Kuschado

    i did not get anything…

  • XxXP iaXxX219

    I’ve done it!!

  • RatchetAszHo

    I did this and when I got the cow my friend collin said “it has no fur. ew. it’s naked. D;”

  • RatchetAszHo

    Poor Pookiepoo.

  • rebekah

    anymore things like this I can do?