Monthly Cleanings

ourWorld now removes comments and emails that are older than one month old.  There is no way to save our comments from this cleaning, but at least we can save our emails by starring them!

You better hurry and star all the emails you want to keep before they get automatically deleted.

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  • BeckiiBoo

    Interesting. My sister is a clarinet player in HHS Marching Band, I am a clarinet player as well, but I’m not quite in HS yet.. Lol. I really think drummers are interesting!

  • Joke Lin

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  • Joke Lin

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  • sumandutta

    They don’t hv rite to delete comment such way ..
    Whats the point to delete all old comments if i hv very few comments .. They should provide us at least 5 pages for the comments. If comments exceeds more than 5 pages then old comments will automatically delete.

    What they doing really funny.. :wha: :wha: :wha:

    • xxxtaetaexxx

      Tell me about it :bah: :ohjoy:

      • sumandutta

        It was only my suggestion to ow about the deletion of comments.. Its awful how we lost all precious comments wthout any notice. :bah:

    • http://hereiguess.... awesome or emma

      my bf sent his heart and at the end of the month it disapeared before i could star it :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk:

  • Kara/xDarkSide

    oh man! i have this really funny comment from my bffl to :(

    um.. last cookie how can i get ppl to join my crew? no one wants to :( :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk:

    • Ferreroo

      Nahh.. it’s not like no one wants to it’s just you need some time to develop. Try encouraging your friends :). Don’t worry! Just you wait and see! You will have the best crew ever ^__^
      Have fun playing :) :XD:

  • CK luckychara2

    i star EVERY SINGLE ONE of my messages :XD:

  • M

    Bad ~

    -OW Name:OwElite crazy x3
    :ujerk: :ujerk:

  • coolgilt

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !
    I hate them when they do theese stuff
    :ujerk: :ujerk:

  • Mircea dark

    what the…
    but why?
    beeep *** :hmph: :hmph:

  • x3BrokenArrowx3

    Aww’h Mann :ujerk:
    I had some really special comments that i wanted to keep memory of. Now i can’t.

    Wish there was some way of keeping comments. =[

  • J3NNiF3R

    You said ‘Comment’ but it is only Message. and we can’t save Comment. :bah:

  • Aimee xx

    :o Nooo i had comments from 2009 :( and some where from friends that quit ourworld.. :( this is stupid.

    – Aimee

    – Ourworld name: Joceyy x3

  • Christmas Cupid

    Well that’s just bull.. Some of the sweetest comments I’ve ever gotten were back from early 09 and now their gone. :wha:

    • Prey

      Yes, this update is bull. Complete bull.

  • amy0o03

    how can i join……. :wha: :ujerk:

  • DareMeh xD

    Oooo maaaaaaan. Gosh WDH .-. :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk:

    • DareMeh xD

      Lmao btw my oooooooooold picture o___O

    • x FuzzyWuzzy


      How do you get a pic anyways :wtf:

  • Akira804

    Plzz like my post and I will gift you……

    Detail: Im from Korea….One of 4minutes gangs…..So gem me please and i will gift you all!
    :wtf: :wha: :ujerk: :ohjoy: :lmao: :hmph: :dexter: :bah: :argh: :XD: :wtf: :wha: :ujerk: :ohjoy: :lmao: :hmph: :dexter: :bah: :argh: :XD: :wtf: :wha: :ujerk: :ohjoy: :lmao: :lmao: :hmph: :dexter: :bah: :argh: :XD:

  • flow generato306

    :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk:

  • flow generato306

    :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk:

  • Puppyluv23

    First Comment!! xDD

    Anyways, Emails, and now Comments?!?!?! Awwwww man! :wha:
    Great… not :ujerk: :ujerk:

    • Puppyluv23

      Oh well, I can live with it. :/ is a parody site making fun of how serious the gaming industry has become. The content that is published contains rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. All images are credited to their original location. The owner of this site does not ensure the accuracy of any content presented on

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