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Edit by LC: I added the Facebook Code. Enjoy! :D

Skye Logic

Skye likes to game.He likes to game a lot.You should game too!

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  • Rhianna

    hay yall keep on playing im shia  i love imam hussain imam ali  i  love muharram i hate cina i hate masih i locv shia and who ever ceelebrates muhammra of imam hussain

  • that surfer dude

    wont work

    • Mariam

      i agree if u go on our world search me xoxhotchickxox no capital no space  normal letters thnx lvl 39
      plz gift me eny thing

  • http://jucarii andreea

    gems plz

  • Chrisie22
  • Anonymous

    i have a glitch i made if u wanna know what it is on oW u have to gift me its really cool i have pics of it my name is tylerjohn56

  • http://yahoo tylerjohn 56

    Rich or Poor. Your thoughts? 10 10

  • Anonymous

    Rich or Poor. Your thoughts? 10 1
    :argh: :XD: :ujerk: :wha: :wtf: :lmao:

  • briana

    dont work

  • http://miguelwww. i took ur cookie

    we should get a daily one :lmao: that would make life easy maybe a resindent code for tourist :XD: :argh: :bah: :dexter: :lmao: :ohjoy: is a parody site making fun of how serious the gaming industry has become. The content that is published contains rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. All images are credited to their original location. The owner of this site does not ensure the accuracy of any content presented on


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