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Gem Offer Updates

The Gem Offers now have a new layout!  It is about time because on my computer the offers at the bottom went off the screen.  Along with this new layout there is a new way to get gems!  Welcome SuperSonic to the Gem Offer websites!  Hopefully SuperSonic offers non-scam offers.

  • xCaringx

    THX 4 showing

  • My Happy Death

    hey :((((((((((( pls bring bak sale!!! :((((((((((((((

  • MrsMaggiePickles

    Uhm, You Are QUITE LATE About The New Layout/Setup..

  • Sierra Thompson

    OMG! Im in LOVE with ourworld! Its like, addicting! I get on it EVERY SINGLE DAY! So there-for i know about everything about O.W. Follow me on twitter,myspace,facebook, and my name on O.W. is          Aubur

    • ien

      right ADICT!!!!!

  • xXNidhiXx

    Please check out awsome ourworld comics only on

  • BaylieLovesYouuCx
  • Ourworld Pielover

    Its a scam thing.. O_O

  • xxxxJxxxx

    Hii..last time i did gems dint come :I  can any1 help ASAP..? (o_o)

    • CK BellaBliss

      I personally do not attempt gem offers, nor do I recommend others to. I am not comfortable giving out my email, zip code, address, phone number, full name, etc. to an unknown program. One time I did give them my old email, but then it failed to give me any gems! I find the offers dangerous and unreliable, and I would avoid them altogether if I were you. And don’t count on getting your gems -__-

    • LeoRio

      Sometimes you have to refresh your page to get your gems. It happens to me alot

    • MrsMaggiePickles

      Well, Sometimes, You Did Not Complete It Fully. Click The Offer Status Button For Whichever Gem Offer “Company” [I Suppose] And It Should Show You ALL The Offers You Did In A Complete List, Usually Including The Date Viewed/Completed, The ID Number, [Ex: 15063725], Whether It Was Viewed Or Completed, And What Not. :]

      Find Me On OW ;]

  • Me10900

    kewl :3 but all the offers scam meh

    • CK BellaBliss

      Well, yeah. They scam everybody.

  • SR Michelle

    i like the new layout it looks nice :P

  • Lakia

    Um……one of them don’t work and it’s the one with the pac-man picture

    • CK BellaBliss

      Sweetheart, all of them don’t work. 

    • MrsMaggiePickles

      I Do Not Think That You Did All The Follow Up Offers And Sign Ups To Receive Your Gems. Considering You Did The Pac-Man Download, You Would Have To Return To That Window And Proceed With The New Offers Shown On The Screen, Until The Offer Status Becomes “Offer Completed!” And You [Hopefully] Get Your Gems. Sometimes It Takes 15-30 Minutes To Receive Your Gems. Be Patient! :]

      Find Me On OW! :] 

  • Miss Unimoprtant

    Like the new layout :)

  • iNaughty

    They also added SuperSonic :33

  • Glamorous345


    • angel2411

      srry but the coin fountains gone

      • YOU SUCK


    • CK BellaBliss

      Easy there! OurWorld may have plans in the future to put the coin fountain back, but unfortunately they haven’t shared those plans with us. So just wait and watch, wait and watch. What I do when I need more coins is: 
      (you will need at least five gems to do this)
       – Buy a two gem item. (the cheapest are the Halcyon necklace and the Asphalt necklace)
       – Log out of your account.
       – Setup an email, and a Facebook if you want extra moneys ^_^
       – Create a noob. 
       – Verify your email (10 gems) Verify your Facebook (10 gems) Use monthly code (10 gems) Use Facebook code (10 gems) and you can even use the toolbar bonus if you want! 
      – Buy two coin boxes and use them
      – Log onto your first account and put your cheap item in the MP for however much your noob now has
      -Log onto your noob wait 15 minutes and buy the item

      Yay! Now you have coins. Enjoy.

      *MP = Marketplace

      • Cathyy The Cat

        Haha smart. What if your no resident..? x

  • bella

    How come you dont do secret messeges anymore?

  • Dsfjfejlk

    Is it better than the rest of the gem offers or is it just as…. anyways is it?

  • ZDYG

    WOW  Guys….Nice Change At The Site….Love U ;)…….See In OW

  • angel2411

    supersonic is awsome and it does’nt scam our spam u’r email

  • Hobbit

    Lol, this has been like this for a while for me >.>

    • Cj

      me too

  • Cj

    Your old name was prey right? cuz i looked it up and it says ur real account is cach. Was it a name change?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s much better then the one they had befor. :D

  • Refi Firdaus

    now it’s cool

  • twinklexriot

    Cool story bro

  • Classic_gamee

    Super sonics good secnndd commnet :D

  • Roxyluver

    I already know it…. First comment! ;D why are you so wierd and taking over…

    • Roxyluver

      What does Last Cookie do for us? She takes ALL the credit even though LunaLocket and SkyeLogic do all of the work for HER blog and everyone treats her for it even though shes not doing anything. Please thumb this up!!