Gem Codes: September 19th – 25th

Facebook Code:


Coin Code:


Monthly Code:


Don’t know how to use the facebook code?  Here’s how:
Follow this link

Go to your condo.  Use the code.
If that doesn’t work, then go to Dance Planet.

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Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
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  • Trifan Loredana

    prosti nu dau 100 gems la un cod!



  • Micheal Sunny

    lolzzz guys its been a while i havent been online ok soo have u gathered gems to buy 1 month residency pass YES/NO ? tell me and who has the golden key 

  • deoleo

    hey ourworld people :p



  • TheSpecialOne

    Add C00kieM0nster582

  • Goh Xuan


  • Acrios301233

    Where R The New Gemcodes XO

  • ITeddyBear8D

    Maybe u need this :D 

    coin code is : 5846-6E59-7C4B-738C

    • MOON

      thanks. it’s been ages seen i some one posted this code :]

      • ITeddyBear8D

        np :D u guys deserve it :P

    • Icey Samuel

      i love u @_@   ADD ME:  JennySaysMeow 8P

      • ITeddyBear8D

        okays :D

  • jessie

    i i am very angry cuz i didn’t came out coin and facebook code! grr

  • Yzaih Enriquez

    we need an everyday code!!!! at least 5 gems a day!!!!

  • Yzaih Enriquez

    y is there no coin codes??!!!

  • Apple

    Coin Code:

    • Cherry

      Apple is awesome :-)
      Thank you!

    • lolita

      tnx a lot:)

  • toni231

    omg i got 746 gems cause i got 20 gems monthly lol amd i get 10 also a month!!!!!!!!!! hahaha im so happy

  • Goh Xuan


    • toni231

      does that work???

  • Goh Xuan


  • Elizabeth Bobo

    [: . ? Neww codee ?

  • Ikroopsahi

    the coin code dosent work all it says is N/A

  • XxIStoleIt Xx

    i need duh monthly code comon ppl dat do owgemcodes u ppl cnt take care of this website dat a lot of ppl rely on comon…. XO!!!!!!!!!

  • Shuddup xD

    792D-BCFA-6A0D-8C52 Dont credit it me but it works on facebook

  • Scary

    792D-BCFA-6A0D-8C52New Facebook Code.I Did Not Find Out This Code, So Do Not Credit Me. Credit To SwagGirly x3.

    • Scary

      Others Have Posted This Down Below, But Since Some People Below My Can’t Read, I Posted It Again.

    • :D

      Thank you ^__^

  • Angel0808

    Need the new codes for today, ( September 26. )

  • Briarm25


  • BowChika

    2 words…..


  • Mcaldwell98

    i need the codes so i can buy whitney hair

    • Bowchika

      Whitney hair is cheap o____o

      • Mcaldwell98

        yea but i need 10 gems

      • beep beep gem lover

        looooooool O.o

      • Mcaldwell98

        and oh…. shut up

  • Cxielove

    Where is the new gem codes? Gem codes has.make me mad! XO

    • Shanna4979

      i know what u mean i need the new codes to :)

  • Rachelstewart2009

    Sorry but your website has run down a bit and none of the gem codes work apart from the facebook code and the coin boxes if you dont boost your website alot of peopl are gonna stop reading? 


    792D-BCFA-6A0D-8C52       FACE BOOK CODE

    • Shanna4979

      thank you !!

  • Hannah loves you

    where is the new gem codes??

  • kelly

    where is the new code from fb? :/ i want it.i am liveing in europe and here is time 19.51 actually in america almost 8 pm so when does come codes i our country ?

  • muza312

    i neead new cod ppl can i join hear?

  • muza312

    Type your comment here.

  • Kl0200

    i think that the coin code is going to be like a lot of coins asweelll :D :D xx 

    • PIN3APPL3

      the coin code is what ever level you are on… So if your level 100 you get 100,000 or if your 46 you get 46,000

  • rando person

    ok not it wont frikin work ppl

  • rando person

    omg i luv ow so thx for this site i could never get gems with out it :P

  • Kl0200

    hello ppl ;) ;) ;) xx 

  • XxKissMaCrazyAzX

    we haven’t seen a coin code in a while so could it be possble the next coin code has more coin in it we rlly need sum of that ;) is a parody site making fun of how serious the gaming industry has become. The content that is published contains rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. All images are credited to their original location. The owner of this site does not ensure the accuracy of any content presented on

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