10 Tips On Earning Coins Fast

Don’t have enough coins to buy that special item?  Boo-hoo, wah-wah, yes, I feel your sorrow.  And I’m here to help you, which is why I’ve typed up this post!  Here are some tips on how to earn coins fast:

Tip #1 – Prize Central

Spend flow in prize central: Bubbler, The Prize Wheel or The Daily Jackpot.  And if you’re low on flow then dance dance dance!  An easy way to earn flow is by dancing (our Dance Forever Cheat could be helpful).

Tip #2 –  Challenge Accepted

Do challenges for Zoe, Azia or other NPCs.  You’ll earn flow AND coins.

Tip #3 – Fashion Show Model

Enter into a fashion show!  If you’ve got style like me, then you’ll win without a doubt.  After you win, you’ll get some coins (hopefully ourWorld increases the payout).

Tip #4 – Burn Unused Items

Not literally burn. But sell items you no longer use.  You’ll get a ton of coins!

Tip #5 – Getupz Collectable Outfits

One of the coolest gameplay features in ourWorld is collecting items.  Collect all the items in Getupz and not only will you get a cool scarf, but you’ll get lots of coins too!

Tip #6 – Grow a Critter

Grow critters in your garden!  They’re kind of like vegetables, except we don’t eat them.  At least, that’s what Flo’s Diner keeps telling us.

Tip #7 – Poker Cabana or Critter Derby

The secret to winning at poker cabana is to never bet, unless you have a good hand.  Or you’re very lucky.  And if that may be the case, then you should bet your luck on some Critter Derby races.

Tip #8 – Crews and Coin Boxes

Join a crew with a high elevator.  You’ll get a coin box.  And if you’re in the Cereal Killers crew, you’ll get a spoon too.

*For Residents, Tip #9 – The Marketplace

Pawn items in the marketplace.  You can make millions from selling a rare item.  Only problem is, we don’t want to detach ourselves from our rare items </3

**For Wishful Thinkers, Tip #10 – Use the Coin Code

Oh. Wait. We no longer have it. Dang.

…And a very Special Tip From Skye Pie:

Tip #5ky3 – Big Time Coin Box

The Big Time Coin Box should NOT have been purchasable.  There was a bug in ourWorld and rather than submitting it, Skye Pie decided to leak it so anyone could buy it.  This was wrong and Skye apologizes on behalf of himself and ourGemCodes for leaking the item.  If you ever find a bug in ourWorld, it is best to report it.  Or else you end up facing the almighty wrath of mightiness.  And trust me, you don’t want to face that.

And remember to save your coins.  Saving coins is like saving people, in that, we’re saving both.

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Save Me

My name is Selena but I’m known as Save Me on Ourworld and Downworld :) I love reading and writing and I’m so excited to be working on ourgemcodes.com :D I’ve been on ourworld for over a year now and am level 8 :)

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  • Cherry Quake o.O

    Omigosh THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :’D forgot some and now ima MILLIONARE. (Well, my highest coins was 1,683,283)

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    i need a lot of coins o~o

  • Daryan111

    This one girl was like make 2 other characters and then each send them some message and*to the character you play the most and u get like a lot

  • melisa56

    ma numesc melisa56 in ourworld si iubesc jocul acesta , iar eu sunt la lvl 69 dar nu joc de prea mult timp as vrea mai multe sfaturi despre cum se fac gems mai usur si altele iubesc ourworld :)

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    I Have The Coin But I Have No Ida On How To Use It…….

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    Another one is get the coin shovel

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    any tips on leveling up cause i cant seem to do it im only lvl 35

  • Jello

    another way is creating a new character, and new avatars get like a million easy contests then have that avatar gift you cool things used with the coins the new avatar earned. 

    just a thought.

  • Jello

    i luv ourWorld lol

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    i wanna join ck but i cant talk on the game from the moment i started at lvl 1!!!! :*( plz let me in i get monthly gem and yes i super noob but that cuz my old account got hacked :*( i love this website

    ourworld name: xX20lollipop12Xx


  • killme202

    i never win competittoins

  • Regan MacNeill

    I have a coin box check in my friends elevator(556 gems).. Only i dont c a sign of it anywhere in my inventory nor in my coins button. Its only checked in the elevator and that is all the signs of existance i get from it… What am i missing here?

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    GOT ME BORED ;) 

  • Sampi

    i know my comment doesnt even match the subject, but i think that (for non-residents) when we buy hair colors, it should be unlocked/desplayed in the hair color section of appearance. it would be easier that way :)

  • Anonymous

    Fashion show?

  • Hfdhdfgbf

    Did anybody know that Skye Pie is now a tourist???!!!???WEIRD………..I really don’t know why.Maybe because spending much money on Z.C. isn’t fun…

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      I’m sorry if I said that,Skye…

      • Hfdhdfgbf

        I think,if it hurts you.

  • Lolz

    Skye’s gonna get banned because he hacked into ourworld servers for the big time coin box! Thats the reason why the person posted the last two sentences.(see for yourself)

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    i miss coin codes :c

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