5 Tips On Earning Gems Fast

I couldn’t come up with 10, but, if you have any other ideas, then comment! :)

  1. Complete Gem Offers or watch Videos on Volume11, Matomy, etc.
  2. Become a Resident or join Zoe’s Club. You’ll get gems monthly!
  3. Use the Monthly, Weekly, and Facebook gem codes that are featured right here on ourgemcodes!
  4. Invite a friend. When they get to certain levels, you’ll get paid in gems.
  5. Trick: Invite yourself. Then when you make an account after inviting yourself, level up your new account and your main account will get gems. :)

Remember: If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment them :D

Save Me

My name is Selena but I'm known as Save Me on Ourworld and Downworld :) I love reading and writing and I'm so excited to be working on ourgemcodes.com :D I've been on ourworld for over a year now and am level 8 :)

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  • Jehan

    How much gems do you usually earn when they level up (in terms when you invite someone)

    • http://ourgemcodes.com/ Donny Pie

      You don’t earn any gems when you invite someone. You earn coins and gifts from the “friend elevator.”

  • Charlie XCX

    matomy,virool,super sonic etc
    These sites often have less videos try encrave offers they are so awesome and they give you more gems

    • Music sucks

      I agree :D

    • owGods Crazy x3

      Me too.

  • jasmine

    so cute!