5 Tips On Earning Gems Fast

I couldn’t come up with 10, but, if you have any other ideas, then comment! :)

  1. Complete Gem Offers or watch Videos on Volume11, Matomy, etc.
  2. Become a Resident or join Zoe’s Club. You’ll get gems monthly!
  3. Use the Monthly, Weekly, and Facebook gem codes that are featured right here on ourgemcodes!
  4. Invite a friend. When they get to certain levels, you’ll get paid in gems.
  5. Trick: Invite yourself. Then when you make an account after inviting yourself, level up your new account and your main account will get gems. :)

Remember: If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment them :D

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  • XxXP iaXxX219

    the offers didnt work

  • stafford

    ok like if gemcodes were forever

  • Cherry Quake o.O

    ourWorld FREE GEMS/skip ads: That one was known by me since the FIRST DAY of ourWorld! No offense :P And oh, theres only A VIDEO

  • Ourworld is awesome

    And thanks for this vid

  • Ourworld is awesome


  • Ourworld is awesome


  • guest


  • jchixx421

    Can You Please Gift Me? Just Look At My WishList And Gift Me Anything On My WishList Thanks :) My Name On OurworLd Is

  • beatiful48

    Can someone please gift me gems? My username is Beatiful48 (Yes I know, I spelt it wrong but I was young then) I would really apreciate it so if you can..you can do it :)

  • Callamiracle987

    Can somebody gift me also??? My name is Callamiracle987….

  • jessie prestkot

    um i cant use the gem codes because i cant install a toolbar is there any way i can type a couple words in the chat bar like how u do in test-mode 42 only for 200 gems

  • Azela

    Can anybody gift me gems on OurWorld? My name is Azela both on ourworld and OurWorld gem codes. :S I am currently walking up and down the board walk!!!

  • snigdha10

    hmm this cheat dosen’t work for me heh -.-‘

  • No Name

    I know one –
    1. go at setings

    2.Get your referal code
    3.Level up to 5 level = tadadada = 5 gems :)

  • xStrangerx

    It took me almost a year to get to level 46 but I’m running out of gems. How do you actually do the trick on number 5? :/

  • tammy

    when you said you invite a friend and when they get to a certain level. what level is that exactly?

  • ObamaRocks


  • Rikkah

    make noob accs to lvl 25 and make them gift u. just treat ur noobs like main accs for a few days and volla! a new gifting slave for u! and another tip, the noob acc is reusable! just use coupon codes or do offers and make it gift u multiple times. get started today! if u need other tips on getting stuff in alternative ways or other tips message, comment or friend me im owGods Rikkah on OW but u must state tht u r from OGC

  • Dreams Truth

    Im new and I needa get a avatar on dis site!!!! >.<

  • Ari15

    Also if you do SponsorPay videos you don’t even have to watch the whole thing. when the little button turns green, jst click it and you’re done

  • HEartBEat

    What leavel must your friend be for you to earn gems?

  • Nats

    Im looking for gems my friend plays ourworld and she got hurt and im looking for gems so i can gift her stuff please if u know what i should do to get gems message me on ow
    my ow name is CandyNCookies thanks!

  • kiekie

    i dont get the trick add me and tell me how on our world my name is luvin

  • Aribear6

    how do you join zoe’s  club?



  • Nikkimanajisthebest

    this really helped thanks! :)

  • http://www.ourworld.com/ ITZKEERTHI INDIA

    its cheap. in my country u get 169 gems for just Rs. 99
    so u buy 300 gems by paying Rs. 198.
    buy res pass for 200 gems. and more 300 gems for Rs. 198 :D
    but if u go 4 residency it costs Rs. 600 in my country :/
    P.S.   I live in india 

  • Soham

    Thank you i love this site :)

  • AlreadyExisted

    We all now these tips

  • Ayah123

    lol i already invite myself :)) i now have like 28 characters ;D

  • xXMissDudeXx

    I wanna do number 5 but I don’t get it :( 
    Can you help me, because I don’t know how to do it.
    Also I tried doing the 4 one and it didn’t work :(.

  • http://www.ourgemcodes.com/ourworld-crews/ cupcakeboy

    i need gems for my crew please give more ideas

  • http://ourgemcodes.com Haya3

    hey how to verify email pls i know you know but how/????????????????

  • http://ourworld 6ranzerg9

    lol lied

    • http://ourworld 6ranzerg9

      i neeeeeeeeeeeed gem

  • Cate whos friend needs info

    And what do yhu do if there is that one person who just does not get how to get the gem codes…. Now this is a question i would like answered but truth be told this is NOT under any ciecumstances a problem of mine but if u would happen to could yhu share that information to me so that i may give it my friend ;) thanks

  • blueice900

    i need gems XD

  • Qatar~!!~!!

    no need for that all just have fun and buy respas or u can take it in the enchament

    qatar is the best !!!!

  • http://twitter.com/NoraInThaHouse Noricious

    omg /: none of this work for me -______________-

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856381557 Klauw Der

    And make some noobs to gift yourself :)

    • http://hi jann


  • hopeless on much gems =.=

    the invite yourself trick does not work any more =.=,

  • Hfdhdfgbf

    You won’t get gems when you invite Gems,believe me!But you will get monthly prizes.I really don’t know are monthly prizes actually Gems.Go to settings>sharing>look below referral code.It says that!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry Save Me,fourth and fifth tip is OUT!

    • Hfdhdfgbf

      Not invite Gems,I wanted to say friends