ourWorld Gem Codes: August 7th – August 13th

Toolbar Gem Code:


Facebook Gem Code:


Monthly Gem Code:



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  • kitty cat

    becouse there is someone used it ^.~

  • yi

    my ourworld name is kristy567 add me ppl

  • yi

    it said unknown coupon

  • usmosa


  • hope

    this is shoking :( every time i look on this it always says n/a and i hate it it is really hard to get gems and i love gems but i dont get gifts or anything :( no ges no gifts … my name on ow is give me wings surch me add me thxs

  • Valerie

    they ended up working heaheahea >:]

  • XxGummyBearsXx

    I wish there were free residency codes each month :(

  • GRRgirl

    My oW user: Katie Green

  • GRRgirl

    GRRRRRRR It said they ALL had expired

  • our world i no likey u no more

    i am leaving ourworld for good , this game is lame we have no gems no nothing

  • Ais Tu Tea

    need new codes :) !!!

  • BubblesCutie

    this code isnt reaal im have other codeeee
    try this!

  • BubblesCutie

    this codes are expiredd!

  • Obese Chicken

    doesnt work :(

  • Lala la dee da

    toolbar code is 0498-BC7C-6CEF-5354

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelsey.chao.1 Kelsey Chao

    :( dang it; Already used. SO now, I’m waiting for the next update to come so that I can use the new ones. Its already August 13th, so I hope the updates come soon. MORE GEMS SOONER ;) :D

  • Unknown User

    it expired then gemcodeshateme

  • Unknown User


  • lalalalalal


  • Frown Killer

    It says its expired but it is the 13th :/