ourWorld Monthly Items: March 2013

Hey guys! ♥ I’ve got some new awesome items for you to check out!
They will come out on March 2013 ^^
Items will be in a set, also you will be able to buy them separately.
Hope you will like them ♥
Notice: Female and Male items look alike.
Feel free to leave a comment!
Milda Green

Milda Green

Hey guys! Milda Green here! I love music, drawing, singing (it’s my passion), playing online games (yeah… I have no life ^^”), chatting with friends on Skype and a lot more. I’m mostly cheerful and I’m trying to be nice to everyone! So if you want to talk to me, don’t be shy and go on! ;)
,,Don’t worry, be happy”

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  • catcasey

    yeah when i try to look at a specific thing, like clothes, it just shows everything. like i tried to look at the old cirque items, and instead it just gave me a list of all the most recent posts

  • I dont like ppl trying to be lady epic…

  • Cynical Cyanide

    No update on the names? Pffft… okay. -.-

    Set name: Emerald Vanguard Set
    Set contains: Hat, Jacket, Poleaxe, Boots.
    Release: 1st March.

    If someone’s already stated this, sorry.

  • Amys Ho xD

    I like the white & black & purple stuff. c':

  • http://www.facebook.com/briannaheywood Brianna Heywood

    where are the gem codes????????

  • sheezz

    where can i buy the sandra winter cloud alone?or the light aura please please tell me if u know please leave a message in my our world account am sheezz

  • Paper Rabbit

    There’s not even a shirt or dress, shorts or pants to go with these :(

  • Paper Rabbit

    Well aren’t these sets boring.

    They better be cheap, they aren’t really nice. I just like the shoulder pad things.
    Ourworld is definitely running out of ideas.
    Oh well..

  • Brookie33

    They look neat! Everyone’s so negative about new Monthlies, and practically everything posted here. You always want what you can’t have~

  • crazycuteoao


  • fds

    Arent there any pants?

  • Applee

    I really think Ourworld is lacking on there items they make now a days.
    I think all they care about is money. The prices from items are crazy! A par of boots that aren’t even rare are $100,000+ and the items that are rare are $200,000 plus. Also goes for gems. How do they expect us to get 120 gems when all we have are the videos, which are only 1 gem or more. And just 10 gems a week. I mean really Ourworld, Step it up.

  • DellaHutcherson


  • tok

    i don’t really like it . And what is the theme ? of this design c:
    not to be rude ^_^

    • TR Sky

      You are rude. You are a fxxker….. a55h0ie xxxx you

  • Shaa

    If only the boots would look better i wud of bought them!

    • TR Sky

      Buy your mama then….
      the boot are very nice. only moron like you dont like them.
      so f you

  • benten99

    this is the best shit out. I’m getting all colors for sure.

  • Maddehhh

    Um yeah. BLEHHHHHHHH! I hate them. Ourworld: If you want people to buy gems, make better clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are so ugly. Why cant you make stuff like Mfb, Vampire teeth, Mcw, cfe, cfw, starry, leaves… Stuff like that. This stuff is S**t. .__.

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