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ourWorld Basics: Account Security

Most people believe it’s possible to have your ourWorld account hacked without giving away your password. This isn’t entirely true, since most “hacking” occurs due to people giving away their password. 50 and 100 players lose chat temporarily or permanently each week for requesting passwords from other players.

These are some tips to prevent your account being stolen. They might seem obvious but a lot of people still end up with their account hacked!:

  • NEVER give out your password. But also never give out your e-mail you use to log in to ourWorld! No matter how many promises or how good of a friend someone is, NEVER give it out! If anyone does, report them IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you want to e-mail or talk to people on messenger from ourWorld, make a new e-mail account for that instead of the one you use for ourWorld! I.e. Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc. This way, you can prevent people from even knowing part of the login information.
  • Be careful of scam/phishing sites! Sometimes websites say you’ll get free gems for joining and when you log-in their site, they end up stealing your account information. So be VERY careful where you log-on to ourWorld from. Make sure it’s a trusted site. You should always just log-on from, just to be safe!
  • Make a strong, super, unbeatable and especially un-guessable password! If you make your password that reminds you of something close to you, it’s easier to guess. A good password contains capitalization, symbols and numbers. For example, if your name is Sara and your password is “sara”, that’s a really bad password! But a better password would be “yell0wTurtLe#5″
  • Make sure the email you use to log-in and your verified email (if they’re different), are REAL email accounts and registered. If you use an email that doesn’t exist or you don’t have access to, it’s like you’re asking to be hacked!

If you have any other useful tips that could help people, leave it in the comments. Enjoy this comic we made about account security!

For those of you saying, “OMG Skye iz Hacker!” — No.  Skye is not a hacker.  It’s just a comic.  It’s not real.

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Over-obsessive Fan


  • picky

    did you make this site for free?

  • NameMe

    See i have some MADE UP stories to tell how people can hack or scam in many ways:

    A person: Hello
    Me: Hi
    Person: Can you please gift me the rainbow mystery box (or anything) i’ll gift you anything you want. Please i really need it! :'(
    Me: Well….let me think….
    Person: I have many friends. I am a trustful person.
    Me: Okay, If you say…..
    I gift her what she wants.
    Then i say: Now gift me the angelic box (or anything)
    Person: Hah! Sorry right now i have no gems i’ll gift someday later!!
    And she never gifted. Thats a way of scamming…!
    John: Hi Lina!
    Lina: Hey!
    John: So guess what?
    Lina: What??
    John: Well my dad promised to buy me gems. But your birthday is coming. So he promised to buy u gems as well!
    Lina: Really!!? OMG what are you saying!!
    John: Yes! It’s true. But he wants your email and password and then on your birthday surprise!!
    Then she gave and on her birthday she really got a surprise! A BAD ONE!
    All her rares were gone!
    Thats a way of hacking. Don’t give info even if they say that their parents want it!

  • Yummy Donut

    If u want more of my story message me

  • Yummy Donut

    This is my story and 100 percent true the scammer was xxbubblegumxx 8d make sure to report her so here’s my tru story my name was angell Starr but the account got deleted

    One Afternoon me and bubble were in the midnight cafe so she said that if u wanna trade account her account was like exactly like mines and I said yes so to communicate the info we play a game called meez so she i told her my info and she told me her but when I log in it was a newb account OMG I was so mad then bubble keep taking my black and white cheek mars and clothes bubble she was so mean then the newb account it was in level 27 something and it had like normal clothes then the next day when I log in I couldn’t because bubble change the pa with her mail so then I couldn’t get in my account so I quoted ourworld and played a new game called moviestarplanet it was kinda fun by the way my name is Littlemissfoxxy I’m kinda cool in MSp ,so then a year after I decided to make a new account yummy donut now Im way cooler than angellstarr cuz I have 2 Rez one Zoe 689 gems I’m getting more
    so that is my story make sure to send me a message and friend me


      whut whut whut whut whut whut whut whut whuuuuut.

  • blossom

    ohh really its a very dangerous thing to share your passwards and thats good they showed a story

  • flora bloom

    something happened with my bro and a man asked for his pass. what happened was that he gave him his noob password which was a trap. that noob account had an error with a software that if u login with it, the user computer will stop working and eventually burn. woo hoo he was offline for six months abd seven days!

  • ♦ Plastic ♦

    Moral Of story: Never ever give out your password or email to ANYONE!

    • blossom

      yes you are correct.Thanks for talking about this!

  • TakeMeUpXx

    is bff telling u that :I yust say:
    srry i know that u my bff but..
    i really dont want a hacker on y account :I
    he or her will be like ”Block U”
    an i wil be like ”Ok Block Me B*tch :) ”

  • TakeMeUpXx

    Those Stupid hackers are more stupid than my dog Sandy
    lol i dont really mean that :P
    but i will never give my Accountyust for a glith :I
    i wll tell anyone hacker like this:
    hey is u Lucky yust give the name site or blog etc…
    O.o he or her will be like ”Stupid B*tch how she know it :I

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  • azzy631

    oh yeah, watch out for nickol (idk the numbers) she just tells poeple to go to their condo and then she just tells them their account will be deleted and people just worry so she says oh gimme ur password so i can stop them and i was like no and she was like ok im asking my dad to talk to the mods and then she just goes ‘their not deleting your account anymore!’ and then because people who get the scam are MEGA nice and either offer to gift her and offer their account. my friend got scammed, she was a level 28 with mfb, crow wings, vamps and gg stuff (she bought all of those but chose not to level up) and after nickol’s incident she lost all her gg stuff and another scammer got her other stuff so now people just call her noob :( and when she tried to rebuild he acount someone changed her email and password so now she kinda shares my accout

  • Sel x3 Be Meee

    Example Story:

    Shay: Omgee Hey!!! :D
    Miley: Hey :D
    Shay: I got Residency
    Miley was super Jealous and just wanted to make Shay upset
    Miley: WOW thats Awesome :) -Thinking:NOT-
    Shay: Ikr!
    A Few Days Later

    Miley: Omgee Guess Wat

    Shay: WAT?!

    Miley: I found a glitch for 400 Gems FREE

    Shay: LUCKY :(

    Miley: I can get it for you :D

    Shay: Forreal? Omgee that’d be great… wait.. u wont hack me will u?

    Miley: Im ur bestfriend, i’ve known u for a YEAR and u dont trust ME?

    Shay: NOO of course i do its just, i love this account and..

    Miley: Omg forget it!

    Shay: Noo plz :( i’ll tell u my pass and email.

    Miley: Yay

    Shay: Yay? *suspicious*

    Miley: .. Yay i can get u Gems! :)

    Shay: Um.. Actually i dont think i need Gems

    Miley: WHY?!

    Shay: Cuz ur gonna hack me -.-

    Miley: Wat? are u serious!

    Shay: -thinking how she is her bestie- Actually no here it is …………….

    Miley: Ok i’ll give u the gems

    So Shay was happy cuz she had a backup with most of the same items and that was the account that the information she gave to miley matched with, and when miley got on it she started deleting stuff when Shay messeged her and Miley noticed her mistake for falling for her trick and for that Day miley lost her bestfriend and her account! :D

    BYEEEE XD -Add me; Sel x3

    Based off a true Story

    Miley; Lexi447 Shay;Tori xD Not they’re real names

  • Young Hhh

    I Hate Lexi447!
    My Story:
    Me: Hey Lexii Watsup?
    Lexi: Omg Guess Wat?
    Me: wat?!
    lexi: i found a glitch where i can get u 1OO Flow batteries,5 years of zoes club and 1OOO Gems
    Me: oh.. cool…
    Lexi: i can put it on ur account!
    Me: Umm .. no thats ok
    Lexi: Why, u dont trust me?
    Me: well … :
    Lexi: Wow some friend u are
    Me: Well … Are u sure it works and u wont hack me?
    Lexi: yea and Why on earth who’d i hack u ur my bffl remember?
    Me: Yea but : … idk…
    Lexi: nvm i’ll just give it too my other bffl and she can be rich and become a highleveled Resident :)
    Me: No i’ll take it!
    Lexi: Ok Gimme ur password
    Me: .. Um.. Its..
    Lexi: COME ON!
    Me: Ok its pandabears076 (it wasnt rlly just example) and my email is (not rlly that)
    Lexi: Good :) now im going to put it on ur account but it’ll take 1 hour so log back on in an hour! :D
    Me: Ok Thanks
    So while i was offline i was think wow shes an amazing friend but when i got back online i was naked and all my stuff in my inventory had been sold and i had alot of coins but i didnt want that and i had 100 gems cuz i was saving for 1 mon. residency but it was used as i saw Lexi used it to gift herself and saw her and i yelled at her then got offline but how careless i was that she got back on my account and bout stuff on the marketplace with it and totally took my account, but i made a new account and now she quit so We are good although she still uses Lexi447 and if she gifts u then she probably is trying to make u trust her

    -Anyy (btw Hhh is my older sister :|)

  • Merry-life

    i dont know why people doing this,i think they want to be rich just to be famous.Or just they hate them or got jealous.But whats the reason of this hacking thing?

  • roles

    i was hacked it not fun i lost all my stuff ! and gems cuz they gifted there account and no one believes me what ever ! >:D

  • Autumn<3

    Here is a story i made. o_o

    I was playing on ourWorld, when suddenly, my friend whispered me “Hi, DreDre!” She seemed happy. Cassandre was my name, so she called me DreDre. I decided to whisper back.

    “Hey, girl.”
    “I found this totally awesome gem trick! It will give one million gems and one BILLION coins!”

    Wow, that seemed like paradise- I thought of all the items I can buy, how popular I’d be hanging around so rich like it was nothing. But I’ve heard these all the time! I’ll just say…

    “Cool story, bro.”
    “No, really, It worked on my noob account… You’ve got to try it! Want to?”
    “Sure, I’d love to be one of the rarest girls on ourWorld!”
    “Okay, give me your email and password!”

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Seriously? It’s a scam, I don’t trust you, Bella, Even though you’re my best friend.”

    “It really works… Search up (Insert rich rare account that is not them), that’s my noob!”

    I searched up the name. She really did have good stuff. Demon eyes, crow wings, both sad and happy cloud, vampire teeth, and so much more…

    “Wow, I guess I believe you. My email is _______.”

    “Okay, now the pass?”


    I thought for a moment. That account was real, so she wasn’t lying.

    “It is ____.

    “Okay! Just wait, soon you’ll have so much stuff…” She whispered me a winky face.

    “Haha, okay.”

    I lost internet connection so I logged off for a few minutes. I was tired, I might go to bed. So I did.

    The next morning, I went on ourWorld and all my rare items were gone… Bella.,. Did she…? I tried messaging her but it said she blocked me. I looked through her brag bag. There was my cur pirate boots, ring master shirt, crystal flake eyepiece, dripping… My items I had sold and given up everything for. I’m done on ourWorld, i’m officially packing my bags and leaving.

    I lost everything.

  • StoryMaker

    i got scammed! i lost crystal eye starry eye and more :( beware of scammers

    Me : Hmm, I’m bored! I’ll talk with my bestie!
    Me : -Whisper chat- Heyy girl!
    Friend : hai, would you like some gems?! I found a cool thing!
    Me : omg! sure! i want to buy an outfit!
    Friend : kk! it gives you unlimited gems! I just went on a shopping spree
    Me : But how come you’re not wearing your new outfit?
    Friend : ….Nevermind that! Want them gems?! Oh and it gives unlimited coin too! u know what that means?
    Me : Midnight crow wings, monster fur boots, vamp teeth, so much more! YES GIMME IT
    Friend : k give me your info! and i’ll put them on, you would see the infinite sign on both of your coins and gems to know it worked :D
    Me : okay my email is ******, and pass is *********! cant wait
    Friend : kk im putting it in.. ok… log out for a few mins and then it will be there

    Me : k! :D

    15 minutes later…

    Friend : omg im sorry it didnt work… it said error then fail and then suddenly all your good items and stuff disappeared and then all ur coins, then gems… then ur resident went away :( im so sorry

    Me: WHAT!?! But… I lost… Wait, why are all my items in your brag bag? :/

    No reply

    Then she delete me and blocked me!

  • Sharon Pak speaking to Hhh

    hmm I searched her she got bann O_O LOL

  • Maritina 8D

    My own story:
    Me:Hi what’s up??
    Mandy:I found a cool cheat!!!With….999,999 gemz!!
    Me:LOL.Are you serieous?
    Mandy:LOL!!I m’ ur bff!Just give meh ur password and email,ok??
    Me:Ok.My email is ******* and password **********
    I went an hour ago to saw my gems-look I had 30,then I saw 1 gem!!!!- -My hair were missing!! -My boxes were missing(too)- -My rare gone!!- o.o I lost my items :( -My coins was 1.000.000.She logged in and I saw 10!!!

  • rizqullah


  • Tearing

    LoneSoulx3: Hey can you trade me your beanie and cheek marks for one coin? i will give you an account that has vamp teeth
    Me: Umm.. sure
    LoneSoulx3:ok i will give you the info when i offer
    Me: First give me the info so I can make sure your not scamming me Not to be rude though c:
    LoneSoulx3: No :'( everyone thinks I am scamming them and Are blocking me :(
    Me: Oh am very sorry. :O
    LoneSoulx3: Okay I offered
    Me: Ummm..
    LoneSoulx3: Did you accept?
    Little while later
    Me: Okay I accepted
    LoneSoulx3: accountings? o.o
    Me: Yes
    LoneSoulx3: pales accounts sepature?
    Me: Yes.
    LoneSoulx3: (Left)
    Me: What?? NOO
    Now I have NO snow beanie and Filled with MISERY. I got booted from an Event just because I said trading webbing socks and asylum patient :( I am really bummed out cause i got hacked :/ Then BOOM! the boardwalk. So if you see me all alone please talke to me :'(

  • Tearing

    I think the next picture would be the girl screaming and chasing him all over ourworld o___o

  • Tearing

    If someone says they will give you an account for 2 or less rares – then ut is too good to be true. I learned that the HARD way :( DO NOT TRUST LoneSoulx3

  • Kay Harrah

    heres a quick tip change ur password monthly or weekly cause it will help prevent hackers

  • Shes♥

    There’s another scam, Wylde mentioned it on ourWorld forums. Like when people say “gift me and i’ll gift you gems!” and then they give you an email saying “_____ has sent you gems! There is a delay and you will recieve your gems in 24 hours.” or sometimes they sound like “_____ has sent u gems there is a delai and u will recieve ur gems in 24 ours” lolol. Just saying, because not alot of people are on forums.

  • Scented

    My story. (This happened a while back)
    Macy:So guess what?
    Macy:I got 1,000 gems from a cheat!
    Me:Omg! How?
    Macy:I just did! Want me to do it for you? If you want me to give me ur pass.
    Me:Idk. I don’t trust people on the internet…..
    Macy:Omg! I can’t believe you! I’m ur best friend! I’ll just leave then!
    I felt really bad then I told her to wait.
    Me:So you can get me 1,000 gems?
    Macy:Sure can! Just give me ur pass.
    Me:k. my pass is **********
    Then i logged off for about an hour or so,and when I got back on,all of my rares and favorite hair was gone. I was so upset I logged off and she hacked me again. so I changed my password and reported her like 10 times. She got what she deserved because she had to make another account.
    Now she’s a noob. .And I’m now a level 76 resident. ^_^ If she friends you and ask for ur password,then don’t tell her. Her name is MacyGirl now. She’ll friend you first,be nice to you,then ask for your password.

  • I onlydome

    My made up store

    Emma:Hey Jenna
    Emma:I just got 600 gems!
    Me:How how how tell me?
    Emma:First u gotta give me your pass and email
    Me:Ok my email is
    me:*logs off*
    1 hour later….
    Me: OMG STUPID EMMA SHE ERASE ALL MY ITEMS! **Kids on here and teens never give out your pass or email**
    (P.s. Make sure u get a hard password to remember)

    • I onlydome

      i meant story

  • Didn’t hack me

    I gave out my password to my old friend (don’t know in rl) and my best friend (dont know in rl) And they didn’t hack me o_o