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69 likes and I’ll rate your outfit… (。◕‿◕。)

THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD (first one was messed up)
Episode 11 of Seasons 2. There will be 25 episodes in all.

I’ve focused on thanking the community of Avakin Life in season 2 by making many videos interacting with the players, content creators, and developers. This rating video is for everyone subscribed to my channel.

I try to make QUALITY videos, unlike many gaming videos on YouTube that are thrown together without edits. These videos take me longer to edit but I am making an effort to uploading ONLY quality content to my channel from now on. I also have a commitment to making creative videos so not every video is the same.

There will be 1 more outfit rating video this season. It will happen in a few weeks. Thank you for watching.

(( This video was suggested by fashion week… ))

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Thank you to these avakin life instagram people:
BrokenDoll, Laffy Von Tease, and Avakin Life Daily

Kevin MacLeod
Hoved – No Love
Jingle Punks – Good Starts
Mary Odisho

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