ourWorld Float Glitch


Do you want to float, without a jetpack? Well now you can! 1. Go to your condo and buy ‘Bunk bed4′ 2. Sit on it. 2. Wait until you stand. Ta-da! Floating! Credits to Faye (Oh So Faye)

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Secret ourWorld TEXT Face

How to make a secret ourWorld TEXT face in 2 easy steps 1. Type in: #### 2. Look at your secret face Enjoy smiling around ourworld! Note: This is a TEXT face.

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OurWorld Music Video Raluka

Raluka – Out of Your Business Made by DobbiChew x3 Forum name: Sugar and Ice If you want your video posted on ourgemcodes, you must submit it to our forums! From now on, only videos submitted in forums will make it on our site. Click here to register!

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