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The awesome and exciting new game, downWorld, has finally launched!  downWorld is an amazing game, similar to ourWorld, but different in its own respect.  The game is about leveling up your character and fighting all kinds of bad monsters.  It’s a lot of fun!  But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Enter downWorld

Delve into a world of layers that will take you on a journey deep into a land of adventure and challenge.  Can you battle enemies and free downWorld from the grip of an evil power?

Battle Enemies

Sharpen your skills and match wits with a series of outrageous enemies and be rewarded for each one you defeat. You’ll be helped in this quest with Surges earned through leveling up, and special gear that you can purchase to enhance your powers. You will prevail if you choose wisely!

Join the downWorld Community

You’ve already become either a Breaker or Caster.  You can further customize your character’s appearance and purchase a wide assortment of impressive gear.  Or head to a Hub to meet and befriend fellow players, exchange comments and emails, and check out each others’ profiles and photos.

Join the Elites!

downWorld Elites get 150 Gems every month for the coolest gear and the privilege of buying and selling on the exclusive Marketplace, as well as other special privileges.  Give yourself every advantage by becoming Elite.

Best wishes in your journey,
The downWorld Team

Play downWorld!

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Forgotten

    I wish I could play it and so many people talk about it but it’s no longer here!

  • Hermione2003


  • AlsoAnna8D

    I need friends on downworl :] please add me i like having battles with monsters in group, my name is AlsoAnna8D

  • anna

    look me up on ow my name is (anna802)

  • princessa cucu

    onedirection is me down world

  • Iucy

    add me on downworld!! my username is: lucy (With an i instead of an L)

  • skittle ninja

    my parents r making me quite our world bcuz they said im addicted to it :( and i really want a game like our wold plzz help :(

  • Luminus

    i need gems on ourworld so if you would be kind enuf to gift me gems ill gift u somthing in your wishlist my name is Docter Luminara

  • Mild

    Im sorry, but I don’t like it. :| no one really talks on there, and it’s kinda not my style ~ c:

  • Merida

    Hi People I Hope alot Of People Are Reading This My Name Is Merada But My Ourworld Name Is Horses Drink Hay.  Feel Free To Friend me And Comment Bye !  I <3 Ourworld 

                                                                               ~~ Merida

  • Jayjaytewcute


  • Nick Ngo

    wath the hell

  • Nick Ngo


  • Lynn Victoria88


  • lady savha

    im ladysavha in ourworld and in downworld im greygirl my sis is gracefulgrey and shes also pleasebemine and criss cross

  • Fishi

    you know we need some cool downworld outfits like in ourworld right

  • Izziefrizzie

    this is so dumb i like ourWorld better!

  • ogasbury

    hey peeps

  • Almighty god

    I think downworld is too similar to ourworld, its pretty much the same game appart from the fighting….=L, well that MY opinion anyway, but I still enjoy both =)

  • Dsfvdvfds


  • http://LOL joj ojojo


  • Joshua Cowles

    sexy bicth

  • Emailmerry

    Um.. I don’t like  Downworld. It’s too dark. I see why Azia created her own world..

    • http://LOL joj ojojo

      LOL but i love down world

  • Farhiha

    the downworld suck

  • Tacoj

    i am

  • Galinojheueranne

    give me a gemmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • DownWorldQueenXx

    look downworld aint my cup a tea but i still want gems we need some proper codes that we can SEE
    WHOS WITH ME ??!!!!

    • http://LOL joj ojojo

      no one see in the our world video and press on free gams and you will see the video and some one from the down world in it and under the pic the code it get you 20 gams

      • http://LOL joj ojojo

        and the new code is for down world is i do it but see under the pic on the down world video you will see the code and put it in down world your acconut i mean

    • none of your buisness

      im with you!

      • Izziefrizzie

        so do i!

    • PinkPunk(;

      I bought some horns for 100 or plus gems but thats a bit…..Expencive dont you think?

  • Marlena

    why do you like angela name?

  • Kittycat

    People need to come on downworld and ourworld more aftion!!

  • Ari9604

    i love downworld !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://LOL joj ojojo

      me to

  • tiMs

    i need downworld game gem codes

    • Anonymous


  • lexi642

    3          <3333

  • lexi642

    song sexy and i now it is gross <3

  • lexi642


  • lexi642


  • lexi642

    twitter is a wast of time
    hahahahahahahahahahahha wright

  • lexi642

    gyes be my friend on ourworld lexi6475487 and zoey593 ok THX