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February 2014 Monthly Items

Get ready for the most scifi monthly items EVER!  We haven’t confirmed it yet, but we believe this set will be called the “Borg Set”.  It will be available February 1st, 2014.

Borg Hair


Borg Eye Piece

Feb2014BorgEyepieceM Feb2014BorgEyepieceF

Borg Jackets

Feb2014BorgJacketM Feb2014BorgJacketF

Borg Shirts

Feb2014BorgShirtM Feb2014BorgSuitF

Borg Pants and Thigh Highs

Feb2014BorgPantsM Feb2014BorgThighHighs

Borg Boots


Each month, ourWorld comes out with a new monthly set. We believe each set is inspired by popular fashion in culture. The February set was, most likely, inspired by Star Trek’s Borg.


O.P. (original poster) on ourWorldBuzz.

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • julia playdon

    i hate all of it ourworld can do better

  • Kitty Goes Purr

    Dafuq Hair??

  • SnookieCheers4Life

    Please Just , just Do it U.U

  • VuIpix

    I’ll Buy The Pink Set C;

  • AIIuring berry

    Not on subject BUT where is the new weekly gem code? This gem code “7D75-2FD9-E12C-E713″ was LAST week.. You know if you say your going to post it right aaway the why don’t you ACTUALLY post it right when you get it?… :|

    • Brinae Perez

      I know right

  • owGodsBlair

    I would think there be A bunch of valentines items in febuary maybe theyr gonna do something special surprise clothing or a mystery box (maybe I said maybe)

    • GurlonFire

      heyy blair!!!

  • Me

    Not the best monthly item set OurWorld has come up with..

  • ♥LadySebastian♥

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like these monthly items. Save ur gems kids. Lmao :33

    • AIIuring berry

      Well I personally don’t like these items.. I thought the Febuary items were going to be VALENTINE items.

  • Princesscharm

    Its peanut butter, jelly time!!!

  • Glama6

    robots in feb? r u kidding???

  • ♥•·arɩel·•♥

    Wait robots..?

    The only thing that robots have with Valentine is that they can’t love

    They can’t even LOVE



  • Gurl on Fire


    • GurlonFire

      hi me LOL

    • owGodsBlair

      hey sophie :|

  • CoolBlossoms

    What is all these rubbish!?! o.o

  • Marlen Villegas

    They shouldn’t have saved this set for Halloween or something because
    it does not go good with February.

    • Kristen Cullen


  • Listening?

    I actually like this it isnt any stupid girly bows or sparkling things something punk thank you! FINALLY

    • VuIpix

      Finally, Someone Likes The Set!

  • Mai ♥

    Omg what the hell is that o_o Very interesting ..things o_o’

  • Revolver

    I’m curious for what they will make for March.

    • hexhaven

      With monthly items like these I’m not sure if I want to know what March’s Monthly Items will be.

  • lil mouse

    yay, gem saving month!!

  • helloz

    ._. df im not gonna buy any of that chit

    • ♥LadySebastian♥

      Agreed. c:

  • Life4Vegas33


    • SnookieCheers4Life

      O.O Yeah it’s like Dat
      Lmao xD