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Basics: Flow Boost

Flow Boost came after Flow Batteries and the Wishing Star Box.  Flow boost determines how fast you gain flow.  With our recent post called: Max Flow Boost, we explain how it’s possible to get 960%.  So let me show you what flow boost looks like:

350% Flow Boost

So in the picture above, you see it says 350%.  It means that I am getting 350% faster flow then normal which is 0%.  Now let me explain it to you where you can find it.

Flow Boost Explanation

As you can see that the yellow check mark means that this is what you have and this is what gives you the flow boost. So in my situation, I am getting 250% flow boost from my outfit and 100% for being a resident. Now you may think where you can get these items. Well, you can get them from shops (Lady King) in ourWorld. Here is what a group boost looks like:


So now you may think how does this work?  Well in order for group boosters to work, you need another person who has a group booster. How can you find out that a person has a group booster?  Just ask them or click or there profile and check out there brag bag or what they are wearing.  How will you know how much you are getting and if you are getting the flow boost? Well, hover your mouse on your level and you will see them. Here is a picture:

Group Booster - My Part 100%

So now you can see that I have my group boost. Now, I have flow boost 620% In this case, I am the one with the group booster because you can tell by looking at Group Boost > “My Part”. If I was grouping someone else and they had 100% flow boost then it would look like this: Other’s part = 100%. So well, that is pretty much it guys! Have fun and here is a tip again before leaving.


Whenever someone groups you and you are getting flow boost then stop wasting your time around and play some games at that time because that will give you some easy flow. Here is my equation for ourWorld on how to reach to level 100:

Less Wasting Time + More Games + More Flow Boost = More Flows = Level 100!

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Alyssa

    what is a outfit boost

  • Sleepyx

    ∑(> <)ガーン

  • H0P3

    You can Type In Test-mode 42 (T In Low Case) And Than Say Cryptobiologist.

  • Sabrina

    I cant get a resident boost cz I’m not a resident so……


    cool like this

  • Erica


  • Clarissa

    Hi ourWorld members anyway my point it …
    When I logged onto ourworld it was 7:15 in the morning and i was doing my flow cheat suddenly when it is supposed to say the moons are circling tonight or somrthing like that it came up test-mode 42 and my flow thing sed i have to get 66 flow to level up now i 89 !!!!please tell me its normal and someone`s not hacked me 
    what should i do ?

    • linkin girl

      it works after 1:30

    • Kikichapman2000

      I bet you got hacked!

  • Elizabeth Tramonte

    not helping me at all

  • Jilllybean26

    when i typed that in to google i meant cheats like Beam me up scotty! and Test-Mode 42 and cryptobiologyist not like this

  • http://ourworld Last Cookie

    Hey people i gotta tell you something I’m leaving Our world for good cuz I have a lot going on and stuff well I just wanted to say bye bye kay comment for anything you wanna ask me kay


  • Softball Star #1

    Umm like for 6 days I couldn’t chat since Friday……… And I cant take it i want to chat sooo bad so can you plzz help me……..

    Thank You, Softball Star #1

  • Last Cookie

    Hey this is Last Cookie!!!!!!! People!!!!!!!!! Well if u can’t talk anymore you probably got reported if you didn’t get reported then it’s probably a glitch!!!!………… Let me Ask you something then how long have you been without chatting in our world?!?!? cuz my friend couldnt chat for like 3 days……… okay well comment me for any help okay.

    Thank You, Last Cookie

  • Softball Star #1

    And… also when i try sending a email to my friends on our world it just freezes so plz help me haha……………

    Thank You Softball Star #1

  • Softball Star #1

    Hi i need help with something in our world well…….I cant chat and i don’t know why I never got an email saying i cant chat anymore or something like that so can you guys please help me on why I cant chat if you know please email me in our world my name is Haily411 or you can comment me okay because it’s been bugging me because the only thing it can let me say is test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist well…. It does not even show up but i get flow though so please help me………. email or comment me in our world on my account Haily411

    Thank You, Softball Star #1

  • http://NoNe xPiCK3dP3rsON add me on ourWorld Doni

    Hello LastCookie I need help for some reason my ourworld account wont let me CHAT’!?AND I was never Reported i never got any email i can still go on my account and lvl up but no chat but it started when i went on my cousins computer somthing happened wit her and her friends so she hacked her computer and we just couldent chat anymore but could lvl up plzz email if anyone can help my emails

  • http://ourworld xxdimondexx

    Can we get 9.0000000000 flow i want to get that everyday win we put test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist

  • jenah390

    i really ourworld but sometimes it’s so boring gonna have fun i said to myself
    haha:> @—}—-

    • jenah390

      i mean i really love

  • http://ourworld ovidicu

    I experienced being a level 1OO. [I’m level 1O5] It’s kind of boring, because people seem jealous, e.x. You walk in with a jetback, someone says ‘Why are you flying? You also look ugly.’ Well the ugly part happened to me, why are people so jealous these days??? ._.
    Anyway, I just want to gift something out, Don’t get jealous when you know you’re perfect.
    No one is more perfect, but EVERYONE is. I want to give a small tiny shoutout, Teaaa<3.
    Kay thanks. :3

    ovidiu :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :-*

    • Anonymous

      thats a lie there is only 100 lvl’s

  • http://ourworld vaduva ovidiu

    saitul casta este nemaipomenit :lmao:

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    The line is green light green not yellow :wtf: :lmao:

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    I need a wishing starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 2 wishing starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk:

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    dude that totally is a lot of flow :wha:

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    I’m out of gems and I can’t afford to be a resedent. Please give me gems :wtf:

  • Mia harris

    how to get more flows but cheaper
    teeeheee :ohjoy: :XD:

  • http://N/A cloe446

    If you give me a gem I will teach you 10 cheats on how to get to level 100 in just 20 minutes what? yes in just 20 minutes you’ll get to level 100 just give me a gem and magic you are at level 100 that’s my treat for those who will give me a gem bye bye my name in ourWorld is cloe446 add me and gift me something on my wish list thank you for reading remember give me a gem :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD:

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    I like chocolate and cheese and ourworld! :) :lmao:

    • jenah390

      hahahaha like it too…

  • Jeremiah780

    Do you get mad that you don’t get any more gems?Are you mad that you have all these coins and there is nothing you want that cost you coins?Are you sad cuz’ no one gifts you?Well, if ur mad or sad then do something to help.Show the ourworld people that you want the gem code back.Maybe they’ll listen.

    My Name is:Jeremiah780
    Do something about it. :lmao:

    • Derrick Brother

      Q1: No, I am not mad that I will not get any more gems because I do not need anymore gems :lmao: .

      Q2: No, I am not mad. I just earn coins from my daily outfit. I do not waste them because at the moment, I have everything a friend could hope for.

      Q3: I am never sad and I do not expect people to gift me. I am one of those person who likes to be in peace as a pose to fighting with people just because no one is gifting or they can not buy any thing.

      Q4: It is up to the administration stuff to decide weather they want to put the gem codes back or not because if they are losing there money then they will stop providing free gems.

      Peace out! :lmao:

      • Anonymous

        “peace as A POSE to fighting”

        …as opposed… sorry, it was bugging me

  • ana brasileira

    bom a meu respeito nem sei pq virar residente mas eu gostaria de ser pelos gems e pelos lugares legais mas afinal tem uma passagem que voce compra por 170 que e por um mes e o de um ano e 300 e poco em fim nao quero ganha gems por isso mas para dar presentes e me embelezar :ohjoy: :ohjoy: :ohjoy: :ohjoy:

  • Vanilla Pod x

    Haii ppl, I just want to ask a quick question. How much does it cost? Because I don’t have anymore gems and I kind of really need more flow…AND… I have used up all my challenges!
    Please answer my question because I am quite despirate for this one!

    Btw what is the point in giving gems? I’ve been rated gems before but I never recieve them on oW?

    Meh name is: Moo Blah xD :XD: :XD: :XD:

    • kitt 500

      the gems jusst represent “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”

  • Kaleee

    Hi! Is there any chart on this website that shows how much flow you get each day with the ‘test-mode 42 cryptobiologist’ cheat? Please inform me if there is. Thank you,

  • alisson

    era pra dar pra trocar coins por gems

  • Amysymone

    First off, let mi just say that mi name amysymone is mi our world name. secondly ur very smart last cookie and thank you for the advice of this. without Ur help, i wuda still ben at lvl 35, now im on lvl 44 going on 45. and i was wondering, i need comments on this, how do i get the kagome outfit that was just posted yesterday? it looks really adorable and i thought i would look ok with it(considering i dont change much). So… i thought you or someone else could give me advice on how to get it. That would be really sweet! Thanks bye! :lmao:
    -Amysymone aka Mariah

  • luises

    stupid ow who would play that :hmph: :hmph: those who r playin that r suckers :lmao: i kno every1 will badly rate this :dexter: but do u kno wat is the purpose of rating :dexter: do u get any thing for rating suckers? :bah:

    • Vanilla Pod x

      Excuse me, but what is your point? We are not ‘suckers’ for rating you down for the right reasons! ourWorld is not stupid, it is the best website I have ever been on! Being a gamer, I have been on millions of virtual world websites and none are as good as this one!

      I don’t see your point in writing that comment so I would like a reply from you explaining yourself please?!?

      ~ Moo Blah xD

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    Since when you put ads to your site? o_o

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    Lmao look at his money xD.
    I dont have that much :wha: :wha: :wha: :wha: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk: :ujerk:

  • Anonymous

    you can have a facebook flow boost ^.^just connect to facebook one time on OW then play on the normal OW…100%flow boost!!! :lmao:

  • ReeReex33

    I experienced being a level 1OO. [I’m level 1O5] It’s kind of boring, because people seem jealous, e.x. You walk in with a jetback, someone says ‘Why are you flying? You also look ugly.’ Well the ugly part happened to me, why are people so jealous these days??? ._.
    Anyway, I just want to gift something out, Don’t get jealous when you know you’re perfect.
    No one is more perfect, but EVERYONE is. I want to give a small tiny shoutout, Teaaa<3.
    Kay thanks. :3



    • Anonymous

      u always give such a big comment…… i think now no’ll read… write a bit small :P
      still i took tym n read… i give u gem ^_^

      • ReeReex33

        Oh why thank you, but I have a lot to say, Don’t hide something when you’re able to shout it out.
        So yea. :]
        And I’ll try to make it more small, for people who don’t wanna waste their time.


        • xXNidhiXx

          lol oki

          • xXNidhiXx

            the one who said tht u post long comment was me only :P srry i forgot to put my name :D :wtf:

    • FlawlessPoison

      there’s a level 105? I could’ve sworn that the highest level was 100. O_o

      in tht case ur a higher level than the ourworld moderators O_o

      anywayzzz, i think jetpacks r cool! i want one! too bad im only level 42 : /

      • ReeReex33

        Actually I’m not, it shows 1OO but now I’m level 1O6, it still shows 1OO, it’s just that I leveled at 1OO 6 times.

  • Anonymous

    :wtf: :wha: :ujerk: :ohjoy: :lmao: :hmph: :dexter: :bah: :argh: :XD:

  • You-Ok

    I think that you don’t have to tell me this, and I already know that I have to earn more flows. I didn’t mean to insult you or anything, but just don’t post up some wasteful posts like this anymore. And I meant post up something more interesting. :dexter:

    I ‘now ppl gonna give me lots of “No Gems 4 you” but I gotta speak up myself, you know. C’om :bah: :wha:

    • Puckerly

      I think I’m agree with you, dude/girl.
      The author of this shouldn’t of post this post up, it boring. Also, it got no points at all. Everyone know that they have to earn flows. But not all of them really want to be level 100. Some just only wanna have some fun and level doesn’t matter for them much. So you get the point? And uh, if you wanna post up something kool,
      Post something fun like secret things and stuff might be more interesting than this because everyone know about flows. SO YA, just telling you…….

      And I agree with you up there, whoever you are :XD:

  • CoolxxXboy7

    2 milion coins :wha:

    • jenah390

      ost?! wow many many many many rich rich rich rich!!! :>

  • Lure

    just curious for my next account, how many flow from lvl 1-100?

    • AmyDiAmy

      that might be more than thousands goodluck

    • Influence

      LURE D: Your quitting your main? >>Friends of your Lure account<<<

  • Joceyy x3

    I so dont agree im level 100 and you keep leveling up so if you level up you get like coin boxes and things like that but you still stay on level 100 so its like a bonus level LEVEL 100 IS THE BEST!!! you get a jet pack and still have fun with your friends so yeah..
    and 99luca99 what did you just reach level 100 then be like ohh this is not fun being the HIGHEST level on ourworld and get free bonuses im just going to make a new account and stay being a noob. to have fun with my friends??? YOU still have fun with friends on level 100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o_o o_o o_o o_o o_o o_o
    O___________O o_o o_o o_o o_o o_o o_o

    • Joceyy x3

      This was a reply to 99luca99
      but it dident go under his comment..

  • Tami 8D

    Once u get to level 100 you still level up, so for all the people who think thry don’t wanna be level 100, you keep leveling up and once u level up u get coin boxes and stuff 8] right now I’m on lvl 90 and I’m pretty excited to soon be a level 100. I started on April 2nd 2009! :ohjoy:

    • Influence

      i started in june 2008 xDD.

      • Tami 8D

        What level are yopuu on? [:

        • bb

          i am level 83, but this is my second account . my first one was level 100, but deleted. i made that account september 29,2009, and leveled to 100 on march 9,2010. and my current account , i started in october. kay. bye.<3

  • XxNiCkImInAjxX

    ow thats y i lvl up in a week or less than a week very faster :| wishing star used to be in gifting area b4 but then it disappeared, then it came on this *skeleton key dungeon D: that only residents can get it if its time for the key to be used :hmph:

  • angel

    hey where do you get wishing star :ujerk: :ujerk:

  • http://ourgemcodes TheDarkJojo2

    i REALLY don’t know what to say. :wtf:

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    Hmm, level 100? Well I guess Ourworld WOULD get boring but still…

  • 99luca99

    people trust me DO NOT reach level 100 coz i was level 100 for a year and a half…now our world is boring for me… so have fun with ur fiends and enjoy our world until you don’t enjoy me have fun playing our world :)

    love u all :) :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :XD: :XD:

    • 99luca99

      pass this down to every 1

    • stare dad

      Im trying to reach level 100. The game is already boring. After level 100 ourworld is going bye bye for me.

  • http://lastcookiegemscodes sophie

    i was the first one to post a comment :XD: btw i got an eye ball cone from nevermore and it would give me 40o/o flow but it didnt such a rip off

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