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For Volunteers: Playtest/Gem Code

The playtest server has changed!  Volunteers are the only ones who will be able to access it.  If you’re a volunteer and cannot access the playtest, then you’ll need to get your IP added to a list — here’s how:

—[Step One]—

Sign on to ourWorld using your volunteer account

—[Step Two]—

Go to Account > Help

—[Step Three]—

Click Request Help in help window

—[Step Four]—

Select Volunteer from the drop down menu

—[Step Five]—

Step Five: Click the pic to go to WIMI to get your IP address. You'll see it at the top of the page. It should be a series of numbers. Write it down!

—[Step Six]—

Step Six: Type this message using your IP from step five. Copy paste the one below if you want, just remember to replace it with your IP.

“I am a volunteer on ourWorld and cannot access the playtest server.My IP address is:


  • If you are not a volunteer but would like to be one, we can tell you how! Just click here.
  • Once your IP address is approved, you must make a new account on the playtest.
  • If you do not know the playtest link, CLICK HERE. You must sign in OR register in the forums with your ourWorld volunteer account to see the topic.
  • There will be a gem code just for the playtest released every two weeks. Wylde will post it in the forum mentioned above. Here is the latest one:
Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • 1

    It don`t working.

  • helpful person

    they dont need ip no mo they r collecting playtesters in spring which is now

  • Ralu Ralucutza

    My account :((

  • Melody xoxo

    I HAVE A QUESTION ! If I become a playtester does that mean I can no longer play on my old ourWorld account?

  • Akamarii

    Hello, i need help , i am recently a new volunteer and  i don’t know hoe to enter the plytest mode
    please could somebody help me? My name on ourworld is Akamarii btw

  • fart

    i need help! it wont let me be a volunteer!!! i am over 13 years of age, a former resident, and over level 40.

    • re

      same, I sent a ticket and it said “Your account has a conduct violation in its history so it cannot have volunteer status.”

      • Banana

        Its probably because you guys got reported once.

  • Jazlyn_011

    I am a volunteer i send a message to them but i cant seem to understand how.

    please help

  • aebg

    2 second comment yeah !! this is the greatest moment in my life woooooooooo



  • Anonymous

    Is not working why someone tell me plz

    • Uploaded

      becauuse there are no longer available, because there are many users using it and its enough for them to hav more

  • dont kno


  • Meylyn

    I cannot login with my avatar in the playtest so plz help me

  • misty5863

    I have a question… If I am made a playtester, will I still be able to access my regular volunteer account?

    • misty5863

      err.. never mind xD

  • AnGlEiNBlAcK

    I have a big problem.I`m a volunteer on ourworld, they accespted me on playtest, but i have dynamic IP. :/
    Please help me!!!! :((

  • RainLocket x3

    On ourWorld it doesnt have the Step three anymore it just has Help and Live Help not the Request Help thing. :/

    • Anonymous

      If You Click on the help section, then click on request help there :)

  • ChibiMonstaah

    Uhh i just wanted to know how you use the playtest gem codes. won’t work for me. and i can’t sign in on the playtest server. :wtf:
    i would be glad to hear anyone’s answers. 8-)

  • xoxoLilly

    So you know ourworld is letting new volenteners because I became one like 4 days ago

  • mrs roslaie hale

    Wher do i find request help? Its just not ther

  • Anonymous

    Hey Luna!
    We have shifted our house!
    My old IP is recognizes …can i recognize my new ip with my playtest id? how?
    Please llet me know

  • OwEliteMelanie

    and when I got my acc in playtest get 40 gems that will get them their plain and ACC? ow that simple? uhhhhhhhh!
    I’m sorry to interfere with just very nervous when nothing like anything I do not understand what a goat! : /

  • OwEliteMelanie

    and if I created an new profile in playtest that means that now I have to leave your old profile (OwEliteMelanie) and use that? In the play test? Ah, I do not understand anything … I am a complete fool …

  • OwEliteMelanie

    Well, they approved my request and now I have created an new profile in the playtest server. But then I can not keep gems code – writes that such does not exist. Also, I can not keep the code on Facebook, because I can not sign a ourworld there. And even with this new form can not go to a simple ourworld (not playtest server). What should I do? So how do I get gems to playtest this new server? : (

  • OwEliteMelanie

    They say :

    Sorry but you IP address is not recognized. volunteers can submit a help ticket from their volunteer account to be given access to this server.

    Ticket Details Back
    Ticket Summary
    Ticket #: 5529-xxxxxxxx
    Email Notification (Contact Info): Yes
    Status: Open
    Date Created: 9/22/2010 2:57 AM PDT
    Last Updated: 9/22/2010 2:57 AM PDT

    Ticket Description
    Topic: Volunteer
    Details: I am a volunteer on ourWorld and cannot access the playtest server.

    My IP address is :


    everythings fine ! That’s why I do not go to enter the playtest server? Please help me …

    • LunaLocket

      You have to wait until they approve it. Have patience!

      • OwEliteMelanie

        Um … Thank u for the answer . :)

  • OwEliteMelanie

    I did everything as you have made here, but I still can not access the playtest server! What should I do? :(

  • aryz

    how can i know my IP

    • LunaLocket

  • aryz

    invite me in ur crew please

  • anbya

    can you send gifts on playtest on ourworld?

    • LunaLocket

      Nope can’t send from playtest to ourWorld. or vice versa.

  • chelsi101

    where do i put the IP code thingi?

    • LunaLocket

      In the Help Ticket you send

    • SkyeLogic

      you have to send it in a help ticket. go onto live then just copy/paste the code there. if you can’t figure this out then you probably shouldn’t be a volunteer.

      it’s like an IQ test, lol. good luck.

  • IP

    how can i know my IP ???????
    plz tell me

  • Live Love Laugh

    what is the new playtest code?

    • LunaLocket

      Check the forums!

    • malia

      whats the ip code?

      • LunaLocket

        Your IP code is different from everyone elses! Follow the directions to find out.

    • michhe2001

      is F270-5526-FAA3-8280

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    • shelly

      yeah i totally agree with yew :) its good. and the very best site of all times.

  • mrs rosalie hale

    Request help is not visable? Help me!

  • EmiSaurus

    How do u knoe when u become a platest or the deed is done? -EmiSaurus

    • LunaLocket

      Keep checking your ticket to see if someone gets back to you or sends an email back. They might not, since they go through so many IPs everyday. So just try to make a n00b on the Playtest once a day to check

  • abela

    how i can find my volunteer’s IP adreess for sent the email?

    • LunaLocket

      It says in that post, just READ the directions and follow the steps.

      • abela

        oh my false.. thx so much

        i sent the email,and no respon yet

        and if i go to playtest server, i must create a new avatar or not?

        • LunaLocket

          Yes you must create a new one. It says in the guide.

      • abela

        so i start from level one???

        • LunaLocket


        • abela

          oke i understand now.. how long i must wait?i have sent the email twice
          thx for ur attention before
          you are a helper :D

          • LunaLocket

            Not sure, probably a week or so. They get tons of requests everyday, upon thousands I’m sure! So just be patient ^^

        • abela

          oh gosh .. i think just one day ;p
          then, i got 40 gems code for my new character in playtest?
          not for my character in ourWorld?

          • LunaLocket

            The code only works in playtest. Not for ourWorld.

        • abela

          i see.. okee thx for ur information :D
          i support ur blog :D

          • LunaLocket

            Thank-you ^^

  • lexi

    so if u already have noob accounts u will cant use them anymore?

  • jeff900

    When does the 40 geme code expire

    • LunaLocket

      August 20th :)

  • seraphic mist

    wow ur site is awesome and im serious.. im checking this more than last cookies lol

    i hope u guys will get more viewers :P
    i hope this playtest thing works for me!!!
    and does it mean when playtest works i cant make anymore noobs account?

    • seraphic mist

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      so i posted your site website info in my site so u can get more viewers:P
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      • LunaLocket

        Thank-you! :) We appreciate it. If you click Support Us at the top of the page, there’s some buttons/banners you can put on your site if you wish!

    • LunaLocket

      Thank-you so much, we truly appreciate the kind words.

      And nah, we cannot make n00bs no longer on the playtest!

      • seraphic mist

        question!! we cant make noob in playtest but can we make noob in ourworld server?

        • seraphic mist

          im supporting u
          lol :P

          i put a banner up in my sidebars and i’ll have email u

          thxx :P

          good luck for the site

          • LunaLocket

            Thanks ^-^

        • LunaLocket