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Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^

    Thank you for posting this because some people don’t post alot of gem codes they post somthing else that is not a gem code so thank u milda green add meh Owgod Catlover

  • Teenage Kicks

    i actually trade my frost box 2009 “white” for that black mfb -.- stupid xDD

  • A Glambert

    POST THE NEW CODES FOR THIS WEEK. God, you people are being so lazy about the gem codes. -_- You guys so excited for Easter you’re FORGETTING! I need these codes, man! So do a lot of others!

    • Mild

      Not everyone has a lot of time, and they’re most likely not out yet, it’s only the start of Monday where oW is o_o

  • Ow8200HuggieBear

    how do u get the tool bar thingy for gem codes??? Send me a message on OW at Ow8200HuggieBear or email me at thx :D

  • Month

    le me was happy when i saw the ogc post about the box being 36gems
    after that the box was in store, le me tought lets buy one :DD
    than i saw the box was 60gems, le me WHAAAT THAAA FUUUUCK
    i searched gems on my noob accounts,but sadly all where poor…
    and now 1noob has 59gems and im out of videos o__O

  • Jadevampira

    Look it dosent matter what ppl wear or what level what matters is tht u be u and not like them – jadevampira

  • asdfgjk;


    I was wondering when the newest gem codes expire.

    It says when it was posted but not when expired.

  • asdfgjk;

    when do these codes expire? (:

  • iNerdMonster x3

    Hii! I just found my old account and there i’ve got 500+ gems and level 21.When i want to send myself a gift it wrotes my that:Sorry,but you can only buy gifts after you have purchased Gems.Coupon codes and referral bonuses do not count towrd this.

    • iNerdMonster x3

      Pls heeelp!

      • Month

        buy the stuff with the account, buy resident and trade with urself (offer shit stuff) :DDD

        • iNerdMonster x3

          Hahaah tnx for help :D xD

          • Month

            no problem (: oh oh i have another tip if that might be still needed…
            if you buy gems by phone,creditcard,.. (or resident) you’re account is also able to gift, other than that it need to be level 25 to gift

  • heyitsindie

    I asked my mum for gems but she said no… :(

  • Sense

    *1d fan looks through monthly code* OMG LOOK THE CODE SAYS 1D!



    • COOLGIRL!!

      toolbar :I

  • Anonymous

    Ever since the Black Frost came out

    Meanwhile in ourWorld market…

  • Pandaherolol

    Oh my god i hate this so much now people are rubbing this in other people’s faces.Like this one random girl said guess what i got the boots of the frost box item.I’m like i don’t freakin care.Then i say this level 2 player have the items im like omg. Their spending their money just for gems to get the frost box items.

  • dfresh

    Can someone please help me?
    So i installed ow toolbar, but now when i try to enter toolbar coupon, it says that i need to make sure that toolbar is visible and installed (And it is)
    What am i doing wrong? c:

    • Nana Kennedy

      it doesn’t work on chrome

      • dfresh

        Thanks alot ;)

  • Frisbey

    Can you guys help me?? I’m encountering a problem w/ the toolbar gem code >...<

    • Frisbey

      Sry… bad grammar >.<

    • Nana Kennedy

      It doesn’t work on chrome

  • from:colby

    do u no a code that u can tipe in were u tipe and get gems

  • Samantha

    Hey my name in ourworld is 8DSamantha8D i wouldnt mind more friends so add me if ya wanna…XP

  • blyss

    hi my name is alexis

  • Brochacho

    I bought myself 7 boxes hehe.,,and I didn’t buy gems lmao

    • Rowan x3

      i had 14 and got nothing good and i got 5 snowfall dresses ._.

      • Nana Kennedy

        i got 4 snowflake wings…

  • I slept with TJ MILLS

    Well i was in the middle of offering for the dark mfb cfe cfw then they went down faster than any item i have ever seen go down in ourworld HISTORY!! At exactly 3pm, east coast time, every other kid (myself included) got outta school, then we all had our moms and dads buy us gems! then we got online and bought so many frost boxes the mpa went from 12 mil down to 3 in an instant! There are over 500+ pairs of CFE CFW MFB on the market place atm so now they will not rise again until summer and thats if we are lucky this was either a huge bust for ourworld I personally know over 10+ people that sold and traded off there white frost items to get dark and then today they come online to find they went belly up and lost over 100 million coins worth of inventory overngiht! Or this was a huge way for ourworld to make mega cash on gems but is it worth it in the end? the players ourworld lost over this huge bust cannot be fixed in my opinion, Huge Fail in ourworlds part releasing the dark box they didnt do it earlier because of this exact reason: People get too wrapped up in it and then there are litterally thousands of dark CFE CFW MFB on the market how can they be worth over 10 mil when everyone has a pair? thats riduclous…..

    • Nana Kennedy

      I don’t…..

    • True Ability<3

      Me: Reads your comment and is drinking soda
      Me: Gets to the “Went belly up part”
      Me spitting my soda: Sppptttttppttt
      Me after spitting my soda: o_o
      Holy shizzle for some reason that was so funny, LOL

    • Junior Carlos

      thts why i dont buy gems, and i have a lot of super rares and rares, just be smart and u can get big items without buyin gems, my name on ow is Carios (CarIos)

  • Lory3

    Toolbar code : FBE6-10F2-22C8-6DF6 ^_^

  • Big Girls Don’t Cry

    Okay I have a way to get gems too, but be careful

    1. Go to either Sponsorpay or RadiumOne (These two have most of the ‘safe’ offers, Matomy is full of viruses every time I go to their offers I get a virus warning o.e)

    2. Choose download offers, just keep the programs in your comp. and delete them when you recieve gems because they might not credit if uninstalled. (IF IT SAYS THINGS LIKE VIRUS FREE OR SOMETHING IT IS SAFE. Or if you have a virus blocker it will tell you if its not safe)

    3. If you don’t recieve the gems after the waiting time, use the program, take a bunch of proof pics, and click the support and message the provider. Email back more proof if they say the need more

    4. Wait a few days (Be patient) and recieve like a ton of gems! Then delete the downloads (Search up if you don’t know how) unless you’re going to use them

    My friend did this, didn’t get gems, sent reports, and got 523 gems when she logged on in the next two days :) She got around 8 boxes and got MFB and CFW :DD
    Oh and the Ranch Rush thingy in Sponsorpay is really good, it gives around 130 gems?

    I know it takes a little long but it’s totally worth it! I saved over 1k gems in three weeks doing this

  • xXPurpleGumXx

    Cool fineally a gem code :) Add me Milda IM xXPurpleGumXx haha my resident ran out :(

  • Abbie

    Is anyone else laughing at how desperate people are for the Frost Box items? x’D Look at my picture. A girl said that apparently she’ll kill hereself if she doesn’t get something she didn’t work for. oh goodness. it’s pixels darling
    I’m also laughing at how people keep saying ‘This will SKYROCKET UP once the box is gone so vamp teeth is AUTO no less than 100 million thx’ LOL bi*** please you don’t know what will happen

    • COOLGIRL!!

      I don’t get it

      • With love

        And I don’t get that picture.


        forever alone

    • snigdha10

      hahaha ur right o.o’

  • Yonique

    aww pore ppl look what ourworld is doing to us with this frost box! I want the fir shoes really bad ive been dreaming about them. i wish ourworld would just give them up to everyone so we can all be happy with fir boots! ^_^

  • Ray

    bought 4 got 3 chits and 1 cfw put it up on market for sale (30 mill) Someone puchased bought claws,cheek marks,res pass,flow shovel and 3 cirque boxes

  • rowan x3

    i cried.

    • Mild

      This is why we do not need these boxes
      But I don’t blame her

      • Rowan x3

        everywere i go everyone is wearing them. it makes me hate the items.

        • chillz x3

          oh and btw u ppl are being dramatic so what if ppl care bout clothes man u do what u want and we dont giv a dam and who cares if newbies are strting to wear it good for thm but y are u ppl acting like its big deal ??? cuz its not its just a change so chill out

      • Rowan x3

        i also hate how everyone is acting like there ow rich with like vamp teeth is auto or cat paws and something eles is auto when boots are 12 mil.

        • chillz x3

          why dont u ppl chill its the pplz choice i mean if u dont liek it dotn wear it dont buy it but y say crap about tht just amkes u ppl look desperate so ppl chill out the itemz are really good and if u dotn agree its ur opinion not mine

    • DestinyAngel

      Mee too.. whan I saw a lvl 5 NOOB wearing black cfw and black mfb with the dress I had won… I almost cried// O_O

    • Hera x

      I agree with all of you, this is sad. oW used to be about levels and parties, but now its only about mp and trading. Its not doing any justice for the people who have nothing to trade.

  • Chihaya

    I got 3 MFB, and 2 CFW ;)

    • Robotic Waffle

      Lucky duck! (:

    • Ray

      toose it o.o

    • Drunken Donuts

      Cool! I got 2 mfb and one cfw.. Traded one mfb already. I still really like the items because I like the way they look, and I don’t like to complain.

      • Chihaya

        I agree, that items is so awesome! ;)

    • DestinyAngel

      Lucky!!! Trading one?

  • thanatos

    i bought one box and got crystal flake wings shadow variant :D

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      Congrats! ^_^ ~ Jealous ~ I bought 3 boxes so far haha Haven’t found the Monster Fur Boots, or Crystal Flake Wings yet :P

      • thanatos

        just never lose hope. I’m playing ow a lot of years and only two times got wings from the box :D

        • Clinical

          I bought 2 boxes & Got Furs And yeti hat :D

          • DestinyAngel

            umm LUCKY

          • Clinical

            I GOT CFW AND CFE AND FURS NOW!!!!!!! :D

          • DestinyAngel

            ok you’re the luckiest girl/guy on the planet

          • Clinical

            lol imma girl :p tnx o.o

      • DestinyAngel

        umm… Ikr… :( Even a lvl 5 NOOB had mfb and cfw today.. this sucks… and 3 of my friends got them and traded them for store boughts and I didn’t get the chance to buy them… :/

      • ♥ Mari ♥

        I got 8 boxes and 2 out of 8 had MFB in them.. c':

        • DestinyAngel

          are you trading one? Tell me your ourworld name

  • lilli33

    hello guys i am lili33 that my name n ourworld i have so much friends and i will love to have more so i want gems code to come to my email every week plz

    • Mild

      Come to my email every week? o__o

    • Clinical

      O__________O I’m sorry, i can’t get your English and i guess you are the one in skates?

  • Clinical

    Is there any author handling cheats? I got one more cheat lol c: It’s again for Gems AND Flow.

    • DestinyAngel

      say it :P

      • Clinical

        lol :P

        • DestinyAngel

          ik i am funny :P

  • Clinical

    Hey OGCoders! I’ve got this amazing gem cheat which may help you. (: It’s very simple and I’ve tried it last night.

    Log into oW and click on the gem bar.
    Click on a video and watch it.
    When the video is over, DO NOT click on the ‘ Continue ‘ Button and REPLAY the video.
    Keep on repeating the same thing AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN.
    Refresh and go to ur Email Column.
    See what happens.

    NOTE : I had got 50 Emails and now I have 50 Gems, hope it worked! (:

    oW name: Clinical

    • DestinyAngel


      • Clinical

        Np. Hope it worked? :)

        • DestinyAngel

          It worked the first 2 times.. than it just stoped… -_-‘

    • Ray

      Doesnt work -.- i spent hours repeating video and i only got 3 gems :S

    • Whaaa

      Which video
      Not all are the same.

      • Clinical

        Oh.. any video u see, and it worked for me and a couple of ppl, iv’e tested it with many ppl… (:

        • 0FFL1N3

          I’ve done it before ^o^ I was watching a 4 gem video or something around that, and in the end I got over 100 gems ^^

  • Benny Benassi

    Where is the toolbar code?

    • Clinical

      It’s Not Available.

  • snigdha10

    i am starting to hate ourworld !

    • asly12

      why? O.O

    • BabyRiriiee Enriquez

      why? are not a pro in it?!

    • Mild

      How about you leave then o.o

  • snigdha10

    i am happy tht i got the box i bought 2 boxs’ and got the wrostest thingg ever!!! XO and another bad news is i am out of gems!!!!!

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      ~Confused~ o.o
      *Rereads above comment* o_o
      -Walks away quietly…- o _o

    • Mild

      You’re happy that you got 2 boxes and got the worst thing ever?
      I wouldn’t be happy about that

    • asdfgjk;

      Lol thats why theres gem offers for us.
      I bought 3 boxes in two days because i saved up for them.
      Wish hard enough and you might get what you want.
      The first two times i got horrible crap but the last i wished hard enough and i got eye flakes(:

  • otterviper

    thank you very much black frost mystery box here i come

  • iKimmy

    Thank You :)

  • Ginie Shum

    the facebook gems code can but after using the fb gems code i put the monthly it say that it already been used

  • Beta

    Why can i use the monthly

    • Bethany

      Because it’s a monthly code and you already used it the previous week(s).

  • Lianna Alexandra Morrison

    i can use the facebook one but not the monthly one because its already been ‘used -.-

  • Jo

    Keeps saying I used it T^T

  • Mild

    Thank you!
    Aha it’s funny how people say the orig. ones will drop when really the black ones are dropping minute by minute.

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      It’s insane how much the price dropped on the black versions haha And, it’s insane to see how many people have them o_o I see people saying stuff like “MFB is the most common item in the box. I have like 5. And, 2 CFW” I’m like Hmph :I ~Three boxes so far. No black mfb or cfw~

    • DestinyAngel

      I hope so! Ii got 3 boxes.. run out of gems.. oppened them.. and cot SHIT

  • info

    hi milda

    • Milda Green


  • iDioxin


    • Meme997

      thanks for???? she just posted gems for facebook which is 10 only … what can we do with 10?

      • Mild

        Well it’s free, don’t expect to get 35804269424721947 gems for nothing

      • Lonely

        a Tatoo ? 9 gem Hair ????

      • DestinyLuvsYou

        If you save those 10 gems every week it will add up. This person is showing some appreciation. You should try it sometime. ;D