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Gem Codes: April 22nd – 29th







Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Left

    toolbar code is : B68B-703C-2D41-75D9

  • XxXkakashim0tOXxX



  • nisa

    that is not the right gem code that was last week

    • nisa

      for ourworld

  • lizzie

    that’s my passion also maybe we can talk on skype.


    TLBR GEM CODE: B-703C-2D41-75D9 ENJOY! ^.^

  • SandyOurworldcx

    I used this gem code this month didnt work why ;(

    • Popeska

      If you already activated the monthly,it doesn’t work anyone.You can only use it once a month and you have already used it,wait for next month’s.

  • Perfect Nicole

    The monthly code expires the 29, right, but how come it didn’t work for me on the 29th? Isn’t that the last day?

    • Crysweet

      You probably already used it previously this month if you notice its a MONTHLY code which will expire on the 30th

  • Angel123

    I wasted my gems lol I dont save them

  • AkoSiJulo

    TOOLBAR code PleazzzzzzEE!!!!

  • Mizou Chan

    It Takes me Forever to wait the toolbar code ._.

  • Tropical

    no toolbar code >.<

  • Sylwiaaa


  • yishae

    aww.. it says the toolbar code has already expired :/

  • Derp


  • mooka96

    were do u put it in at?!?!?!

  • A Random Person

    I Wish they had a code for one thousand gems!

    Add Me On Ow!

    My name is: OA Kaitlyn

  • Fluffy

    Hmm pls realy i am vating toolbar code, tomorrow is last day in week, pls hurry up!
    but thanx for another codes! :33

  • Scar Says Hi

    toolbar code : AD1B-4FE7-4ED5-C88A

    it says its expired.. why?
    It just recently changed for me.. :/

  • Lateef Mitchell Crawford

    This Post may answer alot of questions:
    The MONTHLY code is a code that changes every month. Its Stays the same until the producers give out a new code. You can only use the monthly code during that month!
    Weekly Code: This code comes out weekly, it can only be use from the sunday of the week to the next one. Ex. (random date) but March 21-Sunday the weekly code stops working at March 28 when the week ends!
    Toolbar: This is the same precudure as the Weekly code it can only be used the week its given! BUT BEWARE -You need to have the toolbar to use this code-
    -Hope this helps-

  • Kelsey Procella


    • Kelsey Procella

      10 gems

  • XxXkakashim0tOXxX

    im waiting for the toolbar gem code

  • Diamondfreeman


  • RR pickle

    Yay Worked C:

  • dream maker

    where do u put it in???

  • vicki

    cool 10 gems now i think i have 20 gems i love our world it’s me on ourworld tat62

    • ezz

      add me…its EZZY12

    • jocelyn

      how u do that

  • I Rawr I

    To: All those who have problems with the monthly code.
    Hey Guys! I’ve read all the comments and mostly there are complaints only about monthly code.You see as the name has it ‘Monthly’ there will be only one code. So, (It’s one whole month!!) April’s monthly code – 8BE7-4998-AF60-30B4
    In case,you already used it when u try to redeem again it will alert saying coupon has expired or denied and coupons can be used only once.
    Anyways I’m also waiting for the toolbar code,it’s already 25th of April and it should’ve come out on 22nd! (>_<)
    Thank You For Reading!!!! :D

  • nuhvyn

    how to change from a female to male !! ><
    i need help plz any1 could help me

    • Scar Says Hi

      you can’t. sorry.

    • Akhadu

      I LOL’d more than I should have >.<

  • Amon Ra

    my ourworld name is amon ra add me :P

  • Amon Ra

    there’s no toolbar code dang it!!!!! i don’t play on facebook

    • Akhadu

      You don’t actually need to play ourWorld via Facebook to redeem the Facebook coupon code.
      Simply link your account. (Upgrade>User Settings>Sharing)
      If you don’t have a Facebook account, sign up! It’s easy, free and simple

  • marina glambert

    the monthly code
    doesn’t work :

  • XxdavidXx

    monthly code doesnt work

  • Akhadu

    Okay, peeps..
    The monthly gem code won’t work if you’ve used it before.. =,=

    Suggestion: I think the staff should probably share the monthly code, monthly.. Instead of weekly, Lots of peeps complaining for no reason. o.o

  • F>A>K>E

    I guess the face book one is same as the one last week…. Perhaps I will wait for the face book to update.

  • lwasoos

    why the monthly is the previous monthly code?

    • Lateef Mitchell Crawford

      Monthly code stays same for one WHOLE month

  • me

    the facebook one isnt working

  • Lena V.

    thank you i need gems

  • Scented

    Thanks for posting Milda. It helped a lot. :)

  • Aphrodite

    I think you have already heard this but, the monthly code is the same as last months code.
    And also, don’t the codes come out weekly?
    If anybody wants to add me on ourWorld, my username is Aphi
    Thanks :)

  • danny ;3

    -_- oooh ..give me the right code for nonthly :'(

  • Ang3l

    the monthly code is wrong cuz i havent used it and its telling me i used it once plzz put another one thnx

  • Ah

    the mothly code is exactly the same as 19- 22th april

    • yishae

      it’s a monthly code so it’ll stay the same for the whole month

  • xLightning

    it said i already used it but i didnt..

  • Amy

    Hey o; I don’t know how to use the Facebook thingy o.o Someone please tell me<3

    • Chill peoplez!

      If you have a facebook account, go on that, search ourworld in the search box, and it would go to the app. Then log on, click the Upgrade button (In the top right hand corner) and click User Settings. Scroll down and click the bar all the way down. After you do that, put in the coupon. And then get 10 gems ^_~ :|

  • JaQues Lion

    need the toolbar code

  • Lion Bad2theBone

    wheres the toolbar gem code?

    • Akhadu

      I’m waiting for the same thing =,= They didn’t update it, I guess

    • Ako Si Ewan

      It’s already Sunday..still no Toolbar?
      Ourworld problems? -,-

      • LISSSHHH

        TLBR CODE IS B68B-703C-2D41-75D9 ENJOY

        • Ako Si Ewan

          That’s this week.
          I was asking about the last.
          Nevermind me :|

  • Nat12s

    the monthly code is denied,why?please fix it

    • Mizou Chan

      Did you already use it?

      • Red Wolf

        I am having a problem too i used this code sometime last month and it is the same code and then i tried the newer one and it said i used it so now i tried this newest one and it said i have used it and i don’t know why. Can someone help me?

        • Mizou Chan

          Yeah Mine sometimes :

    • Milda Green

      well doesnt “fix” stuff about ourworld. we are not ourworld staff members :3 also you probably used it already C:

      • LISSSHHH

        TLBR CODE IS B68B-703C-2D41-75D9 enjoy c:

    • animeluverr

      its MONTHLY did u use a code this month?

    • OwGodsAlex

      Just try it :D

      • Perfect Nicole

        They already did. Did you not see? Are you blind? :|

    • XxXKallistaXxX

      I used it today…. It works

    • Perfect Nicole

      When did you try the monthly code? And I’m having the same problem too.

  • OxMarcelinexO

    thanks for always posting the gem codes I really appreciate it.. please add me in OW.. the name is OxMarcelinexO…

    • Milda Green

      well thanks :’3