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Gem Codes: August 22nd – August 28th

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Don’t know how to use the facebook code?  Watch the video above!

You can download the toolbar by going here:

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Hallow’s Eve

    ***NOTE*** The hack in the video no longer works ^^ Just lettin’ you know Before you start trollin’ xD

  • Dasia123

    hey add me on outworld

  • Alex141

    Code for facebook
    2122-4D59-DEAC-0216(expires on 9/5/11)

    • flower25442

      that code dosent work :(

      • Alex141

        you have to be on facebook to do it

  • Starbwoyshamar

    code for 1000 gems is 115363786904

  • twifreak11

    wuts the one for this week!!

  • muza312


  • muza312

    its one rais to hawe 10 gems oh

    • Peopleperson

      You guys need to clam down- It’s a game not real life

      • Peopleperson

        Haha ^^; Sorry I replied to the wrong person -////-

  • Aaron

    Where’s the new gem code?! I’m freaking mad!

    • Boom

      Yeh were are they?

  • muza312

    w neead nyu cood nu plz?!

  • muza312

    wai not a cod?

  • muza312

    wai not a cod?

  • Simransach1

    I sent u a friend request Skye

  • Simransach1

    I sent u a friend request Skye

  • iNerdi


  • Trandavid97

    Can you guys post us something special? Like, really special. That would be very nice if you did! ;D

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I need to tell you, that we don’t NEED any of this, “Favorite Digging Spot” or such.  We just want gem codes to be honest.  We only need gems, and none other of this stupid junk.  And why do so many people comment?  I did about two comments, one was like, two days ago and I can’t even find it.  Who would comment these things unless their complaints?  I say, you should ONLY post gem codes because the rest of it is just plain stupid or boring!  The only thing that we show our attention to is gems and gem codes.  AND, this website is called ourgemcodes.  Well, you show MUCH more than gem codes so why don’t you change it to, “Boredom Village”?  Yeah I said it.  So unless you have some, great news, THEN U CAN SHARE IT WITH US.  Please note me when you will stop making this website stupid.  My name is Spena on OurWorld.

    • Princess_Five

      well then ur stupid this website is ore then stupid codes it tells u a whole lot of other stuff on OW and ur just being a jerk! >:O

  • muza312

     i neead magical potion plz can you gift my?

  • zhi

     Please gift me a light mystery box, a flow box or a residency pass pleaseee

  • Jerikarimes

    could plz gift me a lot of gems my name is : jerika1234

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is random, but does anyone know what age group ourWorld is aimed at? Because I’ve seen people from 6 years old- to 18 years old…In the begining they don’t say “Select You Age” They just make you select the year you were born to pick a chat filter (safe/non-safe)

    • Skye Pie

      Girls, between the ages of 9-17.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. :P

      • Princess_Five

        actually no skye pie it’s 4 ppl 13 to to ?? yup read it in the terms and conditions

      • Wonderland_adventure

        You’re a girl? o.e …. 

  • Melanie Ramos01

    i want new codes

  • Pppl_cool_pula


    • Princess_Five

      what?! ENGLISH PLZ! :(