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How to use ourWorld Shovels

Lots of players have been asking us how to dig holes with shovels.  Well it’s easy!  All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Buy a shovel

Shovels are sold in Enchantments, under the “Treasure Hunt” category

Step 2: Equip your shovel

Step 3: Dig for buried treasures!

At the moment, you can only dig up coins and flow.  The odds in finding buried treasure seem limited.  For example, you can only dig up a maximum amount of flow per day.

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Fall3n Angel 8D

    I found 60 flow …60 coins,50 coins >.< i want 300 flow!!!! or bigger!!!

  • Manderzzz

    I just bought it like… 5 minutes ago and I just got 50000 coins from it :D lol
    My name is AllT imeLow, add me :D

  • BlueFlameAngel

    My ow is BlueFlameAngel ;)

  • Shosho Qtr

    and thanks

  • Shosho Qtr

    my account in our world is shosho1999

  • Shosho Qtr

    please resident can anyone send to me digging shovel please ?
    I need it
    and thanks

  • selena gomez

    hi fans its selena gomez and i made my own account on ourworld so that i can give one of my fans it :) anyway its a girl and a rez but to get it i want to you to give me your rez girl account 2 so then on your account since im a superstar ill make your girl a bigger rez!thx and ill be giving another ourworld account again soon (date)-(2012 july 5 )todays date is satruday june 30

    • Nikkii x3

      How’s Justin, “Selena”? .-.

  • Ghjgfj

    gift me i am addmeplz50

  • Spygame6

    got 58 flow on first dig

  • Tspratap

    i gt 300 flow bt my friends dnt belive me do comment if u gt 300 or more

    • Just guy2

      Well one day when i was digging i get 300 flow too so .. :S

  • CK ♥ lUnA xD ♥

    i got 555555 flows with that flow shovel 

  • Simransheikh82


  • Makayla123

    i got 120 flow

  • plh

    wut if a bunny pops out can u get it or leave it

  • hotmama

    im trying to get junk but im not lucky

  • Afiqchikayu97

    is it true we cant get the res. pass with that old-ugly shovel???

  • LuckyGirl

     Was I the only one  who tried to dig up my nest?

  • CandyCaneX

    Can some 1 likw please gift me a shovle? :( me name is CandyCaneX  :)

  • Ianalaan

    wtf !! D:< ,, i dont have alot of gems !
    ohh my if i didnt stop playing ourworld last last last last month i could have it now 
    ugh :S ,, now i have to save a lot of gems for it ,,

    in anyways what shovel is nicer???

  • BeckiBoo

    Can you only use the shovel once a day?

  • Siufong1998

    OMG!!! I just got the flow shovel and on my first try 36 gems, then none, then 300 from the pier(: I think this 100 gems for a flow shovel is sooooo worth it:)))

  • NotTelling ;)

    I Have The Flow Shovel!!!!!!!

  • Lena Witt


  • RaNd0m Cxi BuNnY

    i want a shovel sooo bad. saving ^^ & add me RaNd0m Cxi BuNnY

    • Lena Witt

      I’m going to buy one from a girl for 900,000 geeez expensive

  • TouchinOnMy x3

    How do you equip your shovel ?

    • Lena Witt

      You click on shovels in your inventory then click on the shovel (it’s like clothes)

  • Meow. <3

    I found 100 flow. <3

    • Lena Witt


      • Delightful

        I got 20, then 150, then 45, then 90 :D Lol whats the limit with the flow?

    • Igbolabo


  • Max Luffz Nicole

    I Got 2 Then i dug again n got 20 :/

  • mai-ly tran

    I love the Magic Shovel! I just got it today :D

  • xJ3nnyyy♥

    i dnt have a shovel yet v_v

  • iiCocain x

    Love the shovel :X:X

  • newb

    what’s so good about being the first comment anyways? we are ALL still getting the same information!

  • newb

    what’s so good about being the first comment anyways? we are ALL still getting the same information!

    • iiCocain x

      lol I love that comment :D I not understand that “contest” to be the first commentor XP

  • Eliza_2002

    Where can you buy a Magic Shovel?How much does it cost?

    • iiCocain x

      You can buy it from Enchantments and it costs 51 gems :) 

      • dunno

        omg.. sooooooooooooooo expensive

  • Eliza_2002

    You can only use your shovel once in a day(true).Anyways,my name is marrina on ourWorld(feel free to be my fren)

    • iiCocain x

      Hey :) R you from Romania?! :O

    • Lena Witt

      Be my fren???

  • Ocean Eyes

    I only found 16 flow -_-

    • iiCocain x

      Good luck later ;)

  • No Emotion

    My Friend Mike Got A 1 Month Resident Pass From His Shovel . His Name On OurWorld Is Given Up , And Mine’s No Emotion . My Name’s LuLu . Feel Free To Add . Both Level 100 . :]

    • Jessie123

      WHAT?! A res pass -.-

    • Lena Witt

      You names are emo are you sad peeps?

    • Rekuczy

      hi is so lucky…I`ve
      got 35 flow…..

    • owAngelzBeatrice

      K add me im… uh… :P
      Im owAngelzBeatrice btw people join ma crew lol

  • Littlestar

    It’s reusable right? You can use it as much as you want?

    • ff7emily

      yep! You can keep using it as many times as you’d like! ^_^

      • iiCocain x

        cool ^^

      • Lena Witt

        The shovel or the rez card?

        • ff7emily

          the shovel.

        • Huntercarpenter

          the rez card

  • XxAngel2411xX

    I dug for and hour and only got 500 coins -.-

    • iiCocain x

      yes..-.- you paid 51 gems for…500 coins :(

  • CK Epic Weirdo

    I think the 50 flow limit per day is wrong, I’ve dug up 100 flow twice since i got my  shovel yesterday

  • Shontea

    actually no affence but yesterday i got 100 flow then an hour later i got 10 

    • iiCocain x

      Yea..some prizes worth but some not :( XP

      • Shontea

        yah it was pretty kkewl tho

  • Hi


    • Lena Witt

      GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!! frankly i dont care

  • Hope :)


  • Hope :)

    First COmment

    • ff7emily

       Congratz! ^.^