Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet are selling a piece of his sunburnt skin on eBay and it’s at $97k

Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet recently returned from their trip to Hawaii where they announced their official “awkward-relationship

During the trip, Logan Paul turned red from the blazing heat. Logan Paul’s skin was peeling severely due to sunburn.  Chloe teased Logan before peeling off a piece of his skin.  The two, then, decided to encase the sunburnt skin and auction it off on eBay.

Believe it or not, the sunburnt skin bid over $100,000.  Logan said in a tweet, “If this is real & it sells, I’ll donate all the money to @SkinCancerOrg”  Since this happened, people have been uploading their own pieces of sunburnt skin and labeling it as Logan Paul’s skin.

Unfortunately, eBay took down the auction due to breaking terms of service.  eBay said in a call that sellers can’t sell anything human on their site.  Logan tried passing his skin off as being “fake”.  However, eBay wasn’t buying it and took down his auction altogether.

Currently, Logan Paul is seeking alternatives to sell his skin.
Disgusting or not?


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Next step: Selling hair or nails

P.s.: You should watch Trump’s handshake with Macron.. that cringe ohh


omg. Thank god for Ebay taking it down.


i dont even know who he is and now im more reluctant to find out

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