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Monthly Items: August 2013 (Sneak Preview)


Hey.. hey, you..
.. look..


What do you think so far?

I know it’s another robot-like set but it’s actually based on Aliens.
And ourWorld has never (to my knowledge) done an Alien set before.

So, this is completely Original!

I'm the result of society's socialization of man. Turned from a sweet and oozing thing of God into a Mechanical Creation. My name is Clockwork Orange, and I will kneel before Ultraviolence.
  • WillowBerry

    Ooo, I like this! I’d feel like Otto!

  • Sore Nipples

    Ourworld, did you get bit by a cyborg-robot-ish virus? I can’t remember how many times I have seen this design from you. If you are out of ideas, then at least make another competition so that we who play, who actually got really amazing ideas, can show you what we would like to wear in the game.

    • KatherynOurworld


  • marvin1

    why all robot this year?

  • BIack lvy

    ehhhh not my favorite but it can work

  • Carolyn715

    I wish that they had a store where you could create your own clothing :

  • Perth

    I’m kinda missing the old monthlies based on movies.

  • sam222

    like if u agree with me that the monthy items were better back in like 2009, 2010 and 2011 tired of all the sci – fy stuff i did like it before but way to much now … O_O why cant they bring more stuff like pirate hats and more beanies like a rainbow beanie that would be cool or stuff like starry eye or cat paws

  • tyshaun the player

    look at this link i found P.S i like thins box

  • Razz 8D

    And in addition to this i just found pictures of the robe :D here ya go buddies: THERE ARE OTHER PICTURES just type in on yahoo google bing or aol, whatever type in: ourworld alien 2008 they are acctually 2009 though sorry:P and sorry for the bad picture quality -.-

    • Tasha

      They look good

      • Razz 8D

        Those were the old 2008-2009 ones c:

        • Tasha

          Omg! :o c;

          • Ashley Tucker

            All rights reserved

          • Tasha


          • Ashley Tucker

            I will tell my friends on you motherfunker Ashley truss and Shawn Smith And Melissa Lovette

          • Tasha

            Cool story bro

          • Tasha

            Btw i bet you have imaginary friends

          • Ashley Tucker

            Can we be friend yes or no I am so sorry

  • Razz 8D

    Ok, so thier HAS BEEN alien items when i first joined (which was about 2008) But they were ONLY halloween items, I remember an alien overlord cape… its been a long 5 years and players dont remember I found proof that the robe exists recently on the ow fourm: as show in the picture below and i see that spacewomen outfits were way old and ourworld brong them backrecently c: i sure hope this answers all your questions if it doesnt does shoot me a message on ow: @ Razz 8D

  • Guest

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    • I Watch You

      I skimmed through it. You could’ve just said “I want the rock you can sit on back” Not a life story…