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Music Mystery Box

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • jesse943

    it would be so awesome if they gave eveyone thats been on ourworld for more than 2 years 150 gems like if you agree

  • Pink Swag x3

    i think they should make like for one WHOLE month have EVERYTHING in super store!! like the snowflake wings and heart halos in the store again!!! and you would have to buy them with gems again!! instead of trade!! like beanies and everything in the super store for gems!!! that would be AWSOME!! and maybe have EVERYTHING in EVERY color!!! like love in air wings in white and orange for EVERYONE like guys could have pink wings and fuzzy slippers in ALL colors for EVERYONE :/ its just an idea!!! an AWSOME ONE :] PLZ think about my ideas!!! :] PLZ

  • litojenny96

    i was just wondering….are u only allowed to have one guitar?

  • Kaila

    How do you get any of the white scarfs. I don’t care which note i just need a white one. Someone please tell me which Cammie challenge is for ANY of the white scarfs.

    Add me on ow:  OoOx Kaila xOoO

  • Possessive

    Does ANYONE have the eighth note!? D:<

  • Ourworldpro

    i got all these thangs doggy gog dogs

  • DionMnstr

    hey! d u have 2 b lvl 30 2 get wings and guitar?????? plzzzzzz answer! i almost done ALL the chalenges and guess what… NO WINGS OR GUITAR … :'( only scarfs and hats … im lvl 28 and i need 23 flow to lvl 29 … oh jesus! CANT WAIT TO LCL 30!!!

  • A Troll

    um how much does a beanie sell for? in case i get one i want to sell it cuz its UGLY JUST PLAIN UGLY

  • Duet

    Question, I’m trying to buy the musically inclined, but I have no idea where it is.. help?

    • y try to buy the musically inclined

      u cant buy them u hav to go to cammie down in beat street and do some of her chalenges but u might need to work hard cus i hav down all of them acept 2 and havent got anything exsept hats and scarfs

  • shattered life

    i rey want the guitar :|

    • Floriii2209

      I have that beanies and scarfs and guitar. i really want mussically inclined. :( someone is trading? :(.

  • Partner

    What is the “Eighth Note” Item? I Don’t Understand What Clothing Group IT’s In… Someone Tell Me?

  • owGods Dr Hunter

    Lol you don’t buy them you get them from cammie on beat street by completing games from clicking on her like if u thing this is helpful ;)

    • owGods Dr Hunter

      600th comment I think if so >:D lmao

  • HeCompletesMe

    i keep on getting the stupid beanies XP

  • iiSkrillex

    My purple guitar has no MPA! i tried trading. D; Whats wrong wit h it D;

  • Karina

    where is music box i dnt see it

  • Demi Sukin

    Soon as in when….? I <3 music and i want like… all thos items ;'(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001258309656 Cassie Large

    It would be really cool if there were mystery box variations

  • Huynh Ben0

    awesome it happen!

  • Ohoh

    I’m so confused. I have never seen this box in the shops but its in market place and i see poeple with the scarfs and hats on!

    • R0SALINA

      1 go to beat street
      2 click on cammie
      3 choose a challenge
      4 do the challenge
      5 go back to cammie and the reward will be the music box

  • http://www.facebook.com/tenseix Shinra Tenseix

    What’s the musically inclined?

  • http://ourworldshoulddo.wordpress.com/ Forever in Color

    These are listed by how much of a chance you will get an item:
    Any Beanie
    All others.

    Ultimate hint to getting most rare one:
    1. Wait for about a week before opening
    EX: I got a wishing star, waited for about 2 weeks, opened and… got 1,000 flow!

    To get beanie:
    1. Open right away
    EX: I opened it right away and got a beanie -.-

    To get scarf:
    1. Open withing 2-3 days…

  • PupYlUvR101

    what store would you buy it at?