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Mystery Mart: February 3rd, 2012

Its Friday and that means that Mr. Mole’s Mystery Mart is open!

To purchase the above, exclusive items, you can find Mr. Mole by navigating to “Wonderland” on the map!

Play ourWorld!

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Skylamay

    sup peaps

  • Gum x3

    Why are the prices higher they were fine how they were. :I

    • Me

      cuz stuff gets more popular…its like oW has its own economy which is pretty stupid

  • Already Existed

    If you want the old mr.moles prices back like!!!

  • Jamie Jones

    U Where Late

  • Nana Kennedy

    WOW GLAD I NEVER HAD AN intrest in mr. mole items o.o i’d be sooooooooooooooooooooo angery

    (i bought the heart aura thing its NOT wat u think  it looks like) ahh i regret putting that there TT___TT

  • CCJ

    that us so BS i mean like my boxing glove cost 14 gems

  • Bffsarah

    97 gems for boxing gloves, really outworld?

  • swagger prince

    this is so much gams 

  • B00TY W0RK

    Like wtf?! Why r they so freaking expensive?! Like oW shud think bout non-residents they work their butts off to get gems and one item is like the amount of gems they hav! Im a member and i only get 150 gems a month and thats only like worth getting like 2 items ugh in so pissed about Mr. Moles prices >:o

  • ♥ Snowie ♥

    At least now they have the right prices!

  • Courtney

    mr moles is a RIP OFF!!! LIKE IF YOU THINK SO 2 >:(

  • guest

    i aint paying 97 gems for some green boxing gloves wut a rip off o_o

  • Drunken Donuts

    Please post something else, its the first freakin thing I see when I get to OGC.

  • Unknown

    I ♥ Mr.Mole ^_^

    Its Oppisite day!! :)

    • Aces

      I hate you
      You smell like chit
      You’re ugly

      • Unknown

        Tou stank
        I hate you
        You smell chit

        • Jamie Jones

          U Guys Are So totally Cyberbullys

          • Caroline Wingard

            it was oppisit  day

      • Unknown

        You smell like poop

        • MeganHatesMatt

          Douchebag :|

      • Anonymous

        I never read your comments
        YO UGLY
        You so……… BANANA BOAT ( im my laungue that means NO NOSE

  • Aces

    Come on give us a new post :I I’m tired of seeing those prices

  • ♥ Snowie ♥


     0 <- passed out fail

  • Mikky

    i got banned. i hacked someone and used her gems to gift me i know its my fault but im able and willing to repay her gems… but how will this help in getting unbanned? i have no idea what to do and ya i might call on their number tomorrow 

  • F0CUS

    if you were a resident and u had a resident profile color, then when it expires, it will still be on take a look

    • Canadian Hobo

      i knoww . but if you change it to a non resident background , it goes away ! D:

    • XxNisalee513xX

      lol yeah, and ur photo inventory stays 40 slots, condo and invntory save slots stay as 10 and not the tourist 3 :D mines currently lyk tht , and i ws resident lyk almost a yr ago

    • L.a


  • YouLoser 8D

    Imao xD

  • Hypotizing

    Let’s talk about tabs ^_^
    1. ourworld ^_<
    2. Google ;]
    3. FaceBook (;
    5. OGC
    6. Minecraft ( Yes, I never miss a day ^_^ )
    7. Terraria :')
    9. Twitter ^___^
    10. Youtube :p
    11. Photobucket
    12. UrbanDictonairy ( Just for Fun :p )
    13. Ameba Pico ( remembering good old days :'D )
    14. Fantage o__o
    15. Amazon


    • Anonymous

      how much tabs can u have onwe million ? i only have four right now :P

      • Hypotizing

        Billions.. Can’t count

        • Anonymous

          I HAVE TWO :3

          • Hypotizing

            Let me guess.. OW AND OGC ^_^

  • Anonymous

    -DIES- T____T

  • Jomari_itachi12

    Hi guys, I have suggestion please stop or don’t keep complaining about prices and changes in ourworld.Why don’t you guys do things that have purposes I mean if you hate ourworld so leave it and do things that can affect your life like making friends or associating in others.OurWorld is just a virtual game and your decision is yours if you will keep playing ourworld or not.We can’t do anything because Ourworld’s decision it that they will increase the prices of items.If you hate ourworld so no one cares so stop complaining

  • Kotryna Jokubynaite

    this wat ourworld was YAY IVE JUST GOT YAGA YAGA YAGA now 
    ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) RAWRRR  and 
     ▄▄▄︵ ҉‭‭‭˙‭˙‭
    BOOM! im still planing to leave ourworld

    • Unknown

      Ourworld Mr.Mole is going down -_-

  • Hypotizing

    Eyy, i need a new pic for my profile
    SUGGESTIONS? ;3 reading all, promises.
    Even if I changed it.. I might use yours after it.. So don’t stop siggesting :D ^_<

    • MeganHatesMatt

      Stop spamming >:DD

      • Hypotizing

        I put a stop spamming picture? o.e

        • MeganHatesMatt


          • Hypotizing

            Idk you said so -.-

          • MeganHatesMatt

            I like your picture already .__.

          • Hypotizing

            Yeah i knows but.. When valentine’s day ends, i will totally change it -_-

  • Sngo6

    listen up, you have to remove the genie moves its just 2 disgusting! XO like if agree

    • True Smile

      Oh for god sakes shut up, its just a damn move.

    • Unknown

      I like the genie :3
      DO NOT REMOVE IT (D:<)

      • True Smile

        Ikr, nothing wrong with genie

        • Anonymous

          People call people who geine slu__s I dont agree :| ITS A MOVE !!!!!!!!!!

    • L.a

      how is it disgusting