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NEW: Earn Free ourWorld Gems WorldWide!


The ourWorld summer is off to a killer start, but wouldn’t it be nice to have free gems?   Well now it’s possible to get more gems than ever!

  • Gem Central rocks and we have free gem videos worldwide.  Check out the image above!
  • You can earn gems easier by doing free advertisements w/ bigger gem payouts.

In other news, our blogging team on ourWorld Gem Codes (OGC) is doing an awesome job!   But we have noticed that ourWorld Gem Codes doesn’t update as frequently as it used to.   Here are some updates coming soon:

  • We’ll update our community forum to have more involvement from you (player blogs, profiles, and more)!
  • We’re launching a new design, layout, and template to our site.

Away from ourWorld, we’ve been insanely busy with so many different things.  We’ve been creating bigger and better websites to involve our online communities.

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • yerp

    hhahahah cracking up at 0 gem offer

  • Unknown

    can someone gift me? Ariel80730

  • shara

    my name in ourworld is babeflare ;)

  • shara

    hey guys can u gift me so much things please i really need a resident pass i am looking for one i really need one for three months or for one i do not want a zoes club

  • EmilyFarted xD.

    Boring shit o.o
    Wheres it for july
    Friend me on ourworld

  • Chloe

    Hi, I love to play our world. I have a problem.. I can only get like ten gems a day because I have hardly any gem offers. On our world my username is Snow Crystal and I sent u a friend request if u accept it message me and please tell me what to do.

  • Miku

    So ourworld took control of this blog? :( I somehow feel betrayed and very very annoyed.

  • Pink Tutu <3

    So we get 0 gems for the frist one?
    Well thanks to the free gems i already got 10 gems ;o
    actually 9…. wait no 3 :D

  • alice martin

    loll.last one say 119 gems it is true  O.O

  • Gummy Bears

     Lol… the first one says ‘Earn 0 gems.’ o_o

  • Brianna Orton

    Hows about the July monthly items eh? No no? Ok. :l

  • CK Epic Weirdo

    I was reading this and thought it sounded like Skye… Long time no see :P

  • Jesse

    I can not buy gems as cheaper anymore, damn it! .-.

  • Delusion

    i know this is off topic but i couldn’t find topic where it would relate and that i would possibly get an answer but are keys still available cause recently i haven’t seen any or im i just late on noticing that they are gone?

    • Gio Q

       they’re still here but if you just found a key recently and used it or currently have a key, they will not appear for several weeks on your account :)

      • Delusion

        ok thanks :)

  • Pink Gift

    That Is Great News !
    And, Welcome Back Skye ! 

  • Lizzie

    Really? Post this crap everyone knew about instead of the july monthly items?

  • Tiffy

    I dont think this is true.. You have posted things like that and they don’t work. Fake Things…

  • Maya15_7

    no videos appear to me i can watch videos and when a video appear i cant wach them help help help 
     help help help 
     help help help 
     help help help 
     help help help 

  • A Power ©

    So nice.

    Now we can earn gems so easy, and better.
    For me the best for earn gems is videos, so that is so cool. :’)


    Awesome post.
    But some offers do not work and plus many countries do not have so many offers or some don`t have any.
    I`m from India and we don`t have many offers and the ones we have are like for 2-3 gems and most of them don`t work.

  • HallaSasha!

    Omg yay! But sasha dsnt need gems I am aiming to 905,106,621 Mil coins just whn I accept the offer with vamp teeth! Lawl! N quess wat? Yaah dats right, it was for my cat hat and I can always buy a new one! I have 923,574 gems right now JUST COMMENT IF YOU WANT A GIFT OR 10! :) And im single on ow i have like all da most wanted rares ;) Willing to trade my vamp teeth for starry eye tat I’m also looking for strong woman hat and ring master shirt [girlz] yeah and combine mah other stuffs liek red cat hat, red cat paws, white fu lion claws, black werewolf clawz and rainbow beanie for MCW, MFB and CFW! :}

    • HallaEmily!

      Sasha girl! It’s me Emily! =D Yes, I’m willing to get MFB, CFW and MCW! Because I sold them when I had so little coins like, only 1 Million? I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll take the offer for vamp teeth: I’ll offer 100,000,000 coins, red cat paws, yellow good bunny hat, red bad bunny hat, I’ll buy 2 starry eyes, one for you (trading it with you too honey ;3) And one for me to wear, black werewolf claws and white fu lion claws (I can always buy another one) I’ll also trade strong woman hat and ring master shirt! But you could’ve bought all of theseI can buy them again after you offered me 999,999,999 coins <3 And bought me 700,984 gems! I'll do anything to get MFB, MCW and CFW from you ;)

      • HallaSasha!

        O quikly offer dat honpiez <3 ah yes ill get you more stuff when i get on your acc because you SOOOOOOOO want those itemz your getting naked fir them XD

        • HallaEmily!

          And I added rainbow beanie XD

          • HallaSasha!

            Aw you hunpies lov ya! <3
            U copied my name too XD
            Yes I only need vamp teeth cuz i gave u mine :P i see dis reelly good offer for vamp teeth says """whtsoever i hate theese how do you love them? (girl!!!!! :3)"""
            Kool now ill make her happy n send her good bunny stuff she put that in her bio ="D nosh im the luckiest girl on here! ;) u 2 ;p

          • HallaEmily!

            Yes, yes I did ;P

            No problem I hate all of my rainbow items, do you want me to sell them for you for about 900,000 coins only or just offer them and say reserved for a friend? =P

          • HallaSasha!

            I Prefer sell cuz if u trade nothin will make da MPA go down to it cuz u no all of teh itemz of mine are over 10mil! And that is only 7thousand mayb idk?! =3 AND i will give u more coinz ;D

            N STOP COPYIN MA PAGE ;O

          • Sampi

            Err…. You DO realise u’re talking to urself? O.o

          • Someone

            Lol :P

          • Sampi


          • *just me*

            lol just somebody copy paste her name and she was talking to the stranger that took her name, I think… :P

          • Sampi

            Okay… o.o

          • Pink Tutu <3

             WTF? are you talking to yourself..
            -falls out of chair-
            you made me die of laughter ;o

    • txonandebaraka

      i want a gift my name its txonandebaraka LOL

      • Pink Tutu <3

         Hi i want a gift o.o
        so are we just talking about gifts..?o_o

    • *just me*

      Will you gift me? Realy?
      I love gifts :)
      my name on ow is: xXxchristina
      I hope you are not lying

    • Gio Q

      Whats your name on OW? :)

    • Banana

      Will u gift me out of my wishlist my accounts name is Cece 180

    • Unknown

      What is your name? on ow

  • LOLIPOP :p

    i completed an offer and i have to get 9O gems! wtf why isnt it appearing|?!?

  • Zainboy1

    LOL 0 gem offer.

  • Master0fPuppets

    “We’re launching a new design, layout, and template to our site.”

    Again…..? D:

  • Ian Boyce


  • Shawn


    • Me


  • Bears970

    COOL! But when will these updates be done!

  • Tchabchab

    That kinda Cool ;o 

  • Buneary

    Hii Skye long time not seen :D


    HEY! SKYE POSTED SUMTHIN! OH MAH GAWD, lawl. :) He hasn’t posted in a while ^^

  • E Y E

    1) good to see skye posting again

    2) these offers rarely work for me like they show me some website but take me to another one, besides if 1 or 2 offers lead me to correct website they never give me gems
    3) well i hate the forums now coz my password is always being reset itself. this is the third time i need to send a password change mail in the last 1-2 month(s). btw my name is E Y E on forums & this is the only reason why i m not going to forums nowadays
    P.S : sorry if the grammar is wrong

    • SkyPanda

      I’ve had 50 Offers and none are in my Region.

  • -.-

    @Skye: What do you mean feel free to say hi ? Before, i just said hi then you like ignored me and shit.

  • Sampi

    Awesome. Now we can earn more gems. But it looks like downloading/buying is required. Yes or no? o3o

    • Noob

      YES because you are noob!

      • Sampi

        Ah. Downloading okay. But buying? .-.
        And im not all that noobish o3o
        Am i? :o

        • *just me*

          Of corse you aren’t sweety :)
          they are just bad ppl everywhere :/

          • *just me*

            …and ruin our lifes :S

          • Sampi

            Gah. So true D:

          • Sampi

            Aww thanks c:

      • Pink Tutu <3

         NOOB is a painful word…

        • Sampi

          Yeah this one time I was in a bad mood and made a new well, noob as we call it, ‘Noob account’. I reached lvl 4. Some random girl-lvl 17-said hi n I said; what??? -.- (my bad mooood) and she started yellling at me saying im anoob haha. Low lvl and shit like that. I ofcorse then in a worse mood started yelling back. Asked her why she yelled n she said it wuz cuz I was rude. I tld her it was cuz I wuz in a moody mood.
          the end~

    • SkyPanda

      I’m not aloud to download or buy so..These offers are worthless to me :P

      • Sampi

        I feel ur pain :I

    • Brianna Orton

      i just download it, get my gems, then delete what i just downloaded o.o”

      • Sampi

        And the gems stayed? :o

        • Brianna Orton

          yeah they did :D

          • Sampi

            Light Bulb!!! ;33

  • Petite

    Sweet as!

  • Peekaboo

    Havent been on OW in 4 months :P

    • Shawn

      Ish ur name taryn

  • Guess Me Teehee

    Tip: you only need to watch the video for 1 min and 10 secs to earn gems

  • Alec Lopes


    • Princess

      Hey, that pic of you in the corner looks like my friend! :O
      His name is Nick . . that’s so weird.