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NEW: Puppy Poker

On June 11th 2012, ourWorld will be having an new card game!

Its called Puppy Poker!

Do you like Puppies? Do you like Poker? Then today’s your day! This adorable pup will dance, munch treats and help you win big! 

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Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • EmoPanda

    How do I redeem my chips?

  • CadenceSuper

    Puppy Poker? Love it and I love puppies!

  • ♥ Silent Messenger ♥

    Dude …… sushi , dogs poker …. isn’t it boring for u guys…. well Iam 13 but poker is for…..LOl 

  • ………………sdss

    Where’s the update of the new lips and eyes and everything!?!?!??! You guys are soooooooooooo late. SMH.

    • Lurk

      The new lips and eyes and mouth etc. Was ment for a next game.. 

  • Petite

    I don’t know how to play poker but I think oW is going a bit over board..
    Its an alright idea though..

  • ILoveSummer123

    WHy would some kids play poker?? :I

  • ScentedSharpies

    I Dont Even Know How to Play Poker I Just Click Random Suff(:

    • Gummy Bears

      Lol… Thought I was the only one o.o

  • Cambodia

    Dogs are sexy c;

    • Lurk

      Yes they are :P

  • Loser Doser

    Gosh, poker? I’m wayyyyyy to young, guess my age? ;33 I’ll be nice<33 SushiDogs DogsSushi, Lool! <3

    • Mrs-_-ali


  • Zoey

    Do you like poker? Wdf. I’m only 13.

    • Ella Leal

      why? i’m only 10.

  • A Power ©

    Rawr :3
    I like animals, and I think , it will be sweet <3
    And we can win coins, yup?
    Nice, nice ;3

  • Bdfgrbtretb

     Do you guys post the daily zoes club stuff and auctions ?

  • Pink Tutu <3

    One thing i LOVE puppies and doggies
    but i HATE poker i suck at it o.o

    • *just me*

      Me too

  • BarbiesAss

    Nice, I actually have a German Shepard Puppy of my Own and its Vicious.


    • Pink Tutu <3

       Wow, i want a husky :3

      • BarbiesAss

        You should only get a Husky if you Live in COLDD weather O.O

  • Aenema

    i don`t like poker ^^*

  • IBright

    I already saw this post on ourGem codes Forums.. But i thought it didn’t really fit in ourWorld..

  • Master0fPuppets

    First sushi now dogs?
    I need Cats, MOAR CATS :D

  • roger

    first comment :P

    • ChicSandra

       Want a cookie?

      • *just me*

        Sure :)

    • Pink Tutu <3

       Want some gummy worms?

      • BarbiesAss

         Gummy Worms are Ew :]