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ourWorld 100 Free Gems

This post is for people who have the ourworld toolbar.

You wont need to insert 400 different words to get 100 gems.

You will only need to apply my trick.

Step 1

Click on the web search

Step 2

Write your first word

Ourgemcodes 1


Step 3

Change the number 1 with number 2 then click web search and do the same until you get to number 400

(some of the numbers may not work, if they don’t you just have to insert the next number)

Step 4

Enjoy your new 100 gems

I hope this helped.

(numbers that don’t work : 17, 113, 116, 189, 224, 227, 294, 307, 332)

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • mmmm

    bah radule! unde scriu “ourgemcodes 1″ si cum fac?
    scriu pe bara ow chestia aia si apoi inlocuiesc cu 2 si ii dau enter?

  • mmmm

    where must i type ourgemcodes 1 and why then i must copy?

  • mmmm

    i dont’ understand what to do:(

  • -prettypep-

    does that really works?and all my numbers work so i dont need to skip one and one more thing if i lost the progress can i continue or i have to start over ?

  • XxFallenMistxX

    Hey it didn’t work for me can anyone tell me what to do i really need those gems :((((

  • amy

    its not working! :( y?

  • casanavinia

    UMM i tried it but it took too long TEEHEE

  • rosio


  • Rage

    The web search idea is already scrapped, it’s gone, you can no longer earn gems with it.

  • Please help

    where is web search?

  • rubycat

    my toolbar is different but mine did not work but why?????

  • I GL0W FR3AK I

    wait so I dont get it you type all numbers from 1 to 400????? Can you make a video or something i, confused

  • zain h

    wait a min i didn’t rly get it : after i typed web search whats suppose to come nxt?? i typed it then it searched for websites like any other words and how can i know if it worked?? i think it didn’t work anymore well if it didnt then i guess it not fair 2 ourworld 2 make it stop when i finally desided 2 play >.<

  • Danielle xXx

    that makes no sence with the typing bit O.O

  • Veronica Chernyacova

    people,does anybody know if it is still working?

  • Stormii

    Does this still work now? Because I don’t see the little gray button anymore.

  • prodigy649

    can someone please can gift me something from my wishlist

  • Lost Logic


  • Youtubekolakolqa

    lalalalal i get 0000000 gem