ourWorld Crews

Crew Name Founders Full Elevator 150+ Members Date Created Contests Website
Cereal Killers Skye Pie
Luna Clipse
Yes Yes +1 year Sometimes Website
owElite DanceWithMe Yes Sometimes +2 years Sometimes Website
Elite Gods Primordial Yes No +1 year No No
Millennium Double Z Yes No +1 year No Website
Ivy Clan White Ivy Yes Yes +1 year No Website
Old School Elite Kevin, Star Yes No +2 years Monthly Website
ourWorld Gods owGods puddin Yes Yes +2 years Yes Website
SilverMistAngels Izzyloo Yes No +1 year No No
The UnTouchables istoleurvirginity
Yes No +1 year No No
OwSpirit Only
TheOwSpirit Fran
Yes No +1 year No Website
Tru3 Fri3nds TF C4NI8U5
TF GaRdEn AnGelz
Yes No +1 year No No
Shining Starz Caitie x Yes Sometimes +1 year No Website

**Leave a comment below if you would like your crew added to the list.  Please provide accurate information on the crew you submit.  We will not add crews that are less than 6 months old.

What’s the name of your crew?
Who created or founded your crew?
Does your crew get all the elevator items?
How long has your crew been around?
Does your crew hold contests regularly?
Does your crew have a website or blog?

***Your crew must’ve been around for, at least, 1 year if you want it to be added***