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Ourworld Mobile Lite Version

Early this year, our dear authors Allied Hero and Obsessive posted guides on how to play Ourworld on your Apple and Samsung devices browsers. However, players faced some inconvenient problems such as lagging, application crashing and sudden sign-out.

Therefore, Ourworld has implemented a mobile lite version of its website. So, whenever you open Ourworld on a mobile browser, the lite version appears. *tested on Samsung Galaxy S2 & IPod 4*

The lite version has fewer features than the normal version. You can open your inventory, change your appearance, access the shop, and buy gems.




Click here to try the Mobile version of Ourworld on your PCs.

You can access the desktop version by your mobile through Facebook Ourworld app or through a link –click here– where you can write emails, and gem codes. Unfortunately, couldn’t paste the codes.


Are you with or against this lite version?!

Share your thoughts!

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • I Am Bea

    I tested on ZTE-SKATE :D
    Its amazing ^^

  • Tearing

    Its also on nooks too! :)

  • TR Sky

    please gift me.
    Only stupid uneducated, no parents noobs don’t gift me. So you got to gift me.

  • TR Sky

    please gift me.
    Only stupid uneducated, no parents noobs don’t gift me. So you got to gift me.

  • TR Sky

    please gift me.
    Only stupid uneducated, no parents noobs don’t gift me. So you got to gift me.

  • noobs design

    No marketplace? what the use of this app.

    When you are outdoor without a PC, you may want to be informed and miss out any latest trade.

    What the use of changing a clothing in Mobile. Please at least have MP

    • noobs design

      not miss out*

  • sad girl

    i dont like this think cuz toy can play just in i phone or i pad :/ i dont have one i just have a celehpone with taush what can i do to get the game :*(

  • x Teardrop x

    My Dad bought me an iPod so I went on ourworld and trust me those who don’t have a thing like that you aren’t missing anything, there’s nothing to do.

  • x Anoying Orange

    I already know this!! -.- Lol, it’s kinda boring, all you do is change your cloths… No offence

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      Hope they upgrade and add more features to it..

  • Akshay Nithy

    Well i have been using this method for a while now and i use an android phone and im wondering if ourworld will launch an actual app for androids so us android users also have a way to talk to ow people thru our phnes?

    • Akshay Nithy

      And also is it possible for ourworld to launch the apple ourworld app to androids as well?

      • Omaniya Ourworld

        Hope they do.. Am an Android user too

  • saso love

    i have it its not nice , and yah when is the updates x@

  • somebody

    ourworld is really upgrading


    this is so dam amazing!!! I LOVE U FOR THIS OW :D

  • Miaaa

    Mhhmm the update with the holiday stocking should be out from 10th today is 11th and the codes aren’t put yet. what r u doing? why are oyu so lazy??

  • ShainaWuvzyew x3

    I am against the lite version. I cant talk to chat or walk around. Theirs nothing to do. Which stinks I wish you guys had a free app for us to play Ourworld on our iPods or iPads or phones, just like on our computers. That would be a great Christmas present, just have the app available from a certain point so people can get it free and after a while put it on the app store for money. Thanks :) <3

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      It’s a lite version afterall ; with less features
      Hope they add more features to it someday!

  • cupcake_lite

    I can’t even add gems from the gemcodes and I can’t even whisper chat my friends. I’m against this at least until they fix those problems or make a damn app of ourworld already

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      Hope they would add those features to the lite version someday.

  • Andrea123333

    the stocking hast comed out yet ;|

  • Shes♥

    Lol I use it to see if any trades were accepted. And guiseeee. Some of the holiday items didnt come out on Playtest so they’re updating playtest and updating live later.

  • OurWorld Person

    When is the update for the event items and stocking!!!

    • ADayDream

      It Should Of Happened Today So it might be Tomorrow

      • OurWorld Person

        i hope so well at least it gives me more time to colloect gems!

        • Guest

          hey wait a second are you in the crew sugar cube!

          • OurWorld Person

            yup! :D

      • OurWorld Person

        hey wait a second… are you in the crew sugar cube!

        • ADayDream

          lol yes im in that crew

          • OurWorld Person

            haha me to

  • Winter Rose

    Who have the codes? :| need em so muchhh

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      BL00DY PERVERTx3 have commented with the toolbox code::



    toolbar : 0627-5be4-0e7d-3d76 enjoy! ^-^

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      Thanks :D

  • ADayDream

    I Like It How It Was Like The Desktop Version Before They Changed it >_<

    • meowmeowruff

      Same,because I can check my email and check the marketplace :O

      • ADayDream

        I Know ! ._. And You Could Walk Around And Other Stuff.. Oh Well V.V

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      You can access the desktop version through your mobile by ourworld Facebook app

      This is its link:

      I think I should add this info to the post.. xD

  • ffgjfgj

    cost money?

    • oW Ghost

      You just go on on your mobile device and it should come up as a mobile version

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      Doesnt cost money ^_^

  • SophieShelley

    when is this update

    • ADayDream

      Its Already Out

      • SophieShelley

        i mean the stocking update

        • KatCat

          I think its 1 hour left. Or will be out tommorrow.

          • TM XXEMO CHIKXX

            should be on the 10th

        • ADayDream

          Oh, Its Tommrow

  • Nawaary@_@

    Nice! Thx for info

    • Omaniya Ourworld

      You’re welcome ^_^

  • Antidote


  • PolishVodka

    I knew about simply app (: Trololo, waiting for updateeee….