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All New Clothing Sets Critter Garden Races Throw Mega Parties
New Summer Clothing Sets
(coming soon)
Race those critters and win BIG!
(more informations soon)
Mega Parties by invite only. Bigger than ever before.
(new event feature)
August Sunshine Set Resident Sunshine Table Play downWorld
Be hot this summer! Get the Sunshine set!
(Click the title to see all box items)
Become a Resident. Light up your room.
(Click link above to see more)
Nothing Here YET
Quantum Fighter Set downWorld 3rd Layer July 2011 Resident Item
These futuristic items have blasted in from outer space!
(Only in July.)
Are you ready?!  The 3rd layer of downWorld is coming.
(Click the title to play)
Recovered from an alien spaceship, this Light displays eight different quantum effects.
(For Residents only in July.)
UFO Condo Box New Mystery Boxes Play downWorld
This new box has just landed in from space!
(Click the title to see all box items)
The epic battle has begun!  Get these new boxes!!
(Will be updated soon with items)
Go DOWN on downWorld!
(Click the title to play)

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