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OurWorld Updates: Marketplace Fee Change

OurWorld has altered its coin fee structure for the Marketplace.  Previously the rate was 12% of the asking price of an item.  Now, it’s a bit more complex:

  • Under 1 million coins, the fee is 8%.
  • From 1 million to 5 million the fee increases by 100k per 1 million coins.
  • From 5 million to 10 million the fee increases by 120k per 1 million coins.
  • Over 10 million, the fee increases 150k per 1 million coins.

What this means to you:  If you sell an item for 14 million or less, your marketplace fee will be less than it was previously.  If you sell for over 14 million, your marketplace fee will increase.  However, the rate never goes above 15%.

Courtesy of Happa, the chart below demonstrates the gradual increase in sales fee percentage.  Thanks to Happa for his exquisite math and charting skills!


If you are wondering what sort of percent market fee OurWorld will be taking with the new fee structure, here are some examples:

  • 1 million or less – 8%
  • 2 million – 9%
  • 6 million – 10%
  • 10.5 million – 11%
  • 14 million – 12%
  • 21 million – 13%
  • 42 million – 14%
  • 999 million (the max coins allowed) – 15%

The fees will also be assessed on coins paid in trades.

Hope you find this information useful.  Happy selling!

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
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    Ugh. I was just trying to figure this out.
    Does anyone know how to do the math? x___x

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    whoaaaa I am SO bad at math

    yew guys look like yew kno wat ur doing


    frm my point of view #^-^#

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      IKR Glitz u must be a genius in math, because I always get above 97% in math and I can’t understand a word ur saying

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    heres a great idea, NO SALES FEE :)

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    wat item would be worth 999 mil??

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      spooky mask in red worth 999+mil

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  • Unknown

    Can you explain the chart? I dont get it >_<

    • Glitz

      The chart shows that the rate starts at 8% and goes up gradually to no more than 15% based on sales price. Hope that helps.

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    another math class -.-


    • Glitz

      Math you will need all your life so pay attention…unless you want to carry around Happa with you all day to do the math for you!

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        I’d be more than happy to carry Happa around with me all day !

  • Freddy

    If you trade coins, do you still get taxed?

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  • BoxOfNothing

    Great, once again, ourworld is taking our coins.

    • Glitz

      For the majority of people selling, the fee will be lower. It’s only more on the larger ticket items. This is necessary to balance out the coins. Call it inflation if you will.


    I have the ‘rockin’ guitar on your back.If you wanted to sell it, it was 42,000 and now its only 2,000. :(

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    • Glitz

      Haha it’s ok, we did the math for ya :D

  • Black Cat

    It’s a function…
    Of course, with all the inflation on OW these changes are definitely necessary. The amount of coins floating around OW has skyrocketed.
    I have been graphing MP sale prices for a while and they make a similar curve. The curve dips a bit when popular items go up on Zoe’s, but the pattern remains basically the same.

    • Glitz

      Exactly right.

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