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ourWorld Updates: New Residency Pass Prices/Coupon Codes

We have some super good news, and some bad news.

Let’s start with the good news!

On the latest update, September 5th, ourWorld will be lowering the Residency Pass/ Zoe’s Club Plantium Pass prices.

EDITED: They seem to have lowered the Zoe’s Club Plantium 1 Month Pass price even more – to 450 gems!

As you can clearly see in the picture, the 1 Month Residency Pass price is lowered by -50 gems, the 3 Month Residency Pass – by 200 gems, and the Zoes Club Plantium Pass price is lowered by -250 gems.

EDITED: Residency Pass price drop will infact be for a limited amount of time.

Flash news:

 Residency Pass Sale!

Get your 1 month or 3 month Residency Pass for less!

But you need to take advantage of this deal before it’s gone!

The sale starts on September 5th and it will be available for a month.


Now the bad news.

Lately alot of you were complaining about the coupon codes. To some of you, a message pops up notifying that a coupon code you submitted has already been used (while you haven’t used it on a certain account). That is because ourWorld has limited the use of coupon codes to 5 accounts per IP (Internet Protocol). In other words, if you have more than 5 accounts, you wont be able to use the codes (such as Facebook Code, Toolbar Code and the Monthly Code) on the remaining ones.


A big thanks to XxNisalee513xX and Kiel Roberts

for sharing the information!


What do you think? Leave us a message in the comments!

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  • owGods Reety

    ohh i need a recidency one month

  • COAC

    i have only 3 accounts but it still doesnt let me use the code on any of them.. it keeps saying coupons expired when they CLEARLY didn’t. :/

  • desi000

    how do u get gem codes and a coupon code?

  • mole


  • Priya Dharshini

    there must be a way to see where people r from that would work for sure but only for boys bcoz it would be dangerou if they come know where the grls homes r its making lil big problems…

  • EmoBerry

    Just asking… What’s a zoe’s club? What will you get if you have it?

  • xMarceline

    when will the gem code thing end cause i want my gemzzz!!!!
    message me! name: xMarceline


    im really looking for gems :|

  • Bree

    i thin tht the prices should me more lowered and u get gems every month

  • x Sophi x

    OMG Im going to buy o.o whos going to buy send reply >33

    • OW Starr

      im buyin ZOES!!! BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH <333

  • Xaveon Caesar

    i thing that ow should have a week and 2 week s pass, for like we who not rez and found the key so that we can get to use it. the week pass could be like 50 gems the 2 weeks pass could be like 100 that the month pass 200. or 180 get somthing off still what you think?

  • mickardo smith

    well im finally gonna be a rez

  • Ray Roze

    AWESOME!!!!……….. O_O I need gems..badly O_o

  • Lydia Chann

    oh wowwww

  • RaiNBoW StaR >w<

    How long is the ‘limited time’ ._.

  • M 0 I

    Thats a nice idea c;

  • Reyzha ^_^

    cool !!

  • Uh

    I quit.

  • Uh

    I quit. First one to message me gets my account. ._. Girls ONLY.

  • jade

    the zoe pass is a rip off just buy a 3 month pass

  • Sweaty Monkey Butts


  • Just another person LOL

    something bad is happening…
    i have not seen ONE gem video is the past 24-30 hour
    please dont tell me that,with this new lowered price, they deleted GEM VIDEOS D:
    that was the way i got my gems beside codes……….

    • Ur little Leprechaun :3

      yah same.. theres no videos for me either :S talk about Annoying!!!

      • Just another person LOL

        nvm i saw one this morning… they bac

        • Ur little Leprechaun :3

          there stil not back for mee ‘-.-

  • SamPi


    My heart, it pains x_x

  • Dripping Moon

    The Gud News Is Gr8, Although I Dnt Buy Em -_-‘
    N The Bad News Isnt Tht Bad , 4 Noobs R Quite Enough 4 Meh :)

  • AlwaysYourGirlx3

    Lets See :D

  • mihan


  • A B N

    v_v Wow… The res pass – Good! The codes.. – BAD D:

  • Cindy Ngo

    Does it count how many codes we use or accounts?

  • Cindy Ngo

    Ok so they made the prices of the cards higher ( by alot ) And after a long period of time of us complaining about Prices increasing ( when at least half of the gem offers we cant do as i only do videos ) They lower it down to make us take ADVANTAGE of what it should’ve been this whole time The same price ! ( About i forgot wat the original Price was )

  • Kat Nadz

    Well that is pretty good, I mean, I can finally buy a Zoe’s Pass! :3
    But on the other hand, I have 6 or 7 noobs I think… so I’ll have 8 accounts including mine to use the coupon codes on… I get like 50% of my gems on those codes :( DARN IT!

    Can the codes still work on incognito window? o_o

    • Kat Nadz

      and by “can the codes still work on incognito window?” I meant that if I have used the coupon codes on 5 accounts in a regular window then can I still use the codes when I’m going to use incognito? o_o


    Thanks ourworld (:

  • Inbetween

    You’re just copying everything from ourWorld forums -_- Pathetic.

  • swag

    -.- As always if i want these passes, going to Marketplace… v.v

  • PoopyDoo

    Okay I have 5 accounts but I don’t use them to gift me, am I safe?

  • ~stanito_70~

    lol the first costs are back for a month – cool – I can see alot new residents comming :)
    thanks OW founders.
    and you who still complain – stop !!! Have some respect for the founders. i have a solution for you . why Just start saving up gems ? – this way you’ll have enough – my calculations show that each month we receive 90 gems – gemcodes.

  • Cassandra Barrett

    At first i was gonna buy the summer aura, but when i say this post i knew that i have to buy the residency pass. :D

    • Cassandra Barrett

      i see*

      • Bobo Greene

        I SAW o.O

        • Cassandra Barrett

          yea lol

  • Jenny Bell

    How do you deactivate accounts?! I made like heaps of noobs for youtube videos and contests, ec. This sucks >:(

  • Maitreyi

    I can’t wait!!!

  • JesseArisStorm

    Resident & Zoe Club Passes Gets Cheap Yayyyyy,
    And they wont let the people use codes harder at nooobs NOOOOOOO
    This game is getting fail e___e
    They thinks we are sooooooo rich -___-*
    People can’t even get the gems by offers because some of the offers not responding yet. People doing noobs to they can buy what they want only for ourWorld is not being fair to us, they are only fair about the “gemcodes”

  • CaseyKeightley

    grr hiw can I get 450 gems lol oh well I still love the price :)
    but I;m saving my gems

  • DM M3 8D

    Lol oh well

  • DM M3 8D

    If i only did spend all my gems and end up having 10 :I

  • Sticky Monster

    K. All of this stuff is seriously pissing me off. yet im still not going to quit…. Residency passes-Prices should never even been raised, im not buying a pass because Im saving up for stuff, like an aura and halloween stuff. The thing about having 5 accounts, SO NOT COOL!!!!!! >:O I don’t have siblings but I have more than 5 accounts… -.- Yeah yeah people say crap like ‘oh well you should shut up because ow does a lot for us’ Yeah, totally, making people go bankrupt just to buy stuff? Yeesh. Idc what people say. Idc Idc IDC, this is MY opinion.

    • Calm Yo’ Balls

      Just Calm Them

      • Sticky Monster

        oh whatever I’ll just deal with prices

  • mermerr

    finnaly ourworld underastands we aren’t millionares and we arent going to buy gems all the time. Some offers are really crappy, and sometimes you complete an offer and you dont get your gems.

    • Pork Chops <3

      Ok they do understand now but not
      for long cuz this is LIMITED TIME so you
      can just go on and hurry and get gems if you want
      one cuz this is just for OW to give us a chance to atleast
      get something worth the gems..

  • OppaGangnamStyle

    The Bad News section:

    What if my friend use my computer and like I mean at least 4 friends for ONCE and also some of my extra account and original.Will I still be able to use the coupon?

  • Minzi

    YAY ! :DDDD and awww :|

  • Bri Taylor

    i went on the forum to check the update and intel said the resident passes were lowering and so i was then thinking about the zoe pass and i thought it would have been 500 gems…i was wrong :P yay! :P