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Rainbow Box 2013: Outfit Previews

As you know, the new Rainbow Mystery Box 2013 is coming to ourWorld!
Below, you will find some previews/outfits of the currently announced items.

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I told you the wings are HUGE! xD

[Special thanks to Fast, Elysium, Obsessive, Person, joanna emo, Mad Hatter, and Blessed Angel for the outfits]

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  • Butt crackers

    I HAVE THE EARS p—-q

  • Dr yolo

    The Rainbow box is a rip off i hate it it should give u all the items but it only gives u the stupid 1 item

  • Bree The Killer

    Okay, so…. when are the full outfits coming out? or are they just able to get from the mystery box?

  • WTFB

    That dude right there is trying to wear demon eyes! the one at the bottom… :P

  • ♥Charlie♥

    I’m in ~LoVe~ with rainbow and I’m hugs with it Its so cute its like no words to say x_x my whole body with rainbow now 8-)

  • 3VERY

    Update In a few mins :D

    • ourworldvideos19876

      I’m so excited! :D

  • ourworldvideos19876

    I need the new box. Its already the 10th. :c

  • IssaAdam

    hey my name is I ROSE I in my crew the personne with the most star will get one rainbow box and one super rare items so ur welcome to join ur welcome to join just ask crew member or send me message

  • hi

    where is this box going to show up i shops

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      Do you mean where or when?

      Where? Under the “Special” category in the shops.

      When? It’s supposed to be coming out today. ^_^

      • hi

        thank you ^-^ i just bought it and whin smth cool XD

  • Tabby!

    Nobody is wearing the hair. GREAT. Must be ugly. I was looking forward to it….

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      They had someone wearing the hair, when the post was first made. I don’t know why they deleted it o_o …

  • MsMonkey

    I can’t wait until the box comes out!!
    Wait, I have 0 gems :I

  • MsMonkey

    In the first pic of an outfit i was like, ” Rainbow MFB!!!” :o
    Until I realized that its NOT rainbow mfb :I Oh well, I will just wear my
    black mfb to replace them :p

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      Why? You clearly liked the look of them. Just because they’re not the same as MFB doesn’t mean you still can’t wear them. o.o

      • MsMonkey

        I like the beginning of the boots but I don’t like the
        end with the little black shoe part, and I’ve tried MFB out with my rainbow arm cuffs and they look pretty fine.

  • 0FFL1N3

    I think the box is coming out tomorrow.. I hope it does. :33 I would be so happy. :’)

  • Damian

    I love the wings and the rainbow that spins around you ^-^

  • lizzie

    Watch it be 80 gems.

    • Damian


    • DestinyLuvsYou

      It’s 60 gems.

  • Micheal Sunny

    Oh God … i am gonna be so broke on June 10th only 105 gems right now : … is this the right thing to buy i mean is it worth of every gem :S …. #teambringit #justbringit

  • ThisDoubleRainbow!

    Okay love the items who wouldn’t want too wear a double rainbow! XDD

    But the thing is when people on ourworld dress in old clothes like vamps and then people post them with the new things, and it gets most people thinking… YOU COULD DO BETTER!!!

  • Annabhet

    When are these items coming out, exactly…? :)

    • OBB_Admin

      10th! :)

    • OBB_Admin

      June 10! :)

  • ronii

    Anyone else remember when ALL mystery boxes were just 30 gems? And test-mode 42 gave you 100 flow everyday? I miss the old oW

  • yolo

    they sort of look gay maybe thats why they are mixing and matching the other outfits together to make it look more outstanding .. but to be honest its shit

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      I’m trying to think of an appropriate respond to this…

      But, I have no words.


  • Guest

    they sort of look gay maybe thats why they are mixing the outfits with other good stuff

  • yolo

    i wish they will put vampire teeth and dripings like if you aggree with me

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      I disagree. It’s a rainbow box, not Halloween. Those items already came out. No need to bring them out again.

  • Gossip Yoda

    How much do you think the box is gunna be….?

    • OBB_Admin

      The box will cost 60 gems. :)

      • Gossip Yoda

        No but like the whole thing?

        • OBB_Admin

          What do you mean the whole thing? The mystery box costs 60 gems.
          And each box equals one item.

          • Gossip Yoda

            But there are a lot of items though.

          • OBB_Admin

            Well yes. But that’s the whole point of a mystery box – What you may get is a mystery! :)

          • DestinyLuvsYou

            Yes. It’s a mystery box. All of these items are in that box. You pay 60 gems for it, and you get ONE item from it. It could be any item, but it’s only one. That’s how mystery boxes work ^_^

  • Gems

    OMG :'( see my comment on black white car… I can’t live without playing ow :( I need this damn

  • GayPrideSucks

    Yeah but if God didn’t want the devil wouldn’t he have gotten rid of him to -.-

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      What does god and the devil have to do with virtual rainbow items? o_O

  • SmallTalks

    omg i really like 1st and 2nd outfit i want the rainbow boots they remind me of monster boots that i really need/want.