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Rainbow Mystery Box ’13

  Will be out in June 10th and will cost 60 gems!

Rainbow Mystery Box 2013 Items

Rainbow Box - Outfit 009

You can see little of the lynx’s movements here.. You know you love this.

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 001

Female set – jacket, dress, boots, socks, halo and belt.

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 001

Male set – jacket, shirt, pants, halo and belt.

Rainbow Box - Outfit 002


Rainbow Box - Outfit 003

Handheld and halo

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 004

female jacket and wings

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 004

Male jacket and wings

Rainbow Box - Outfit 005

Star bag

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 006

Female set – jacket, shorts, socks, boots.

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 006

Male set – jacket, shorts, socks, boots.

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 007

Female set – bodysuit, decoration, staff, wings, tail and boots.

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 007

Male set – bodysuit, hair decoration, staff, wings, tail, boots.

Rainbow Box - Outfit 008

Ears, hand cuffs, boots, tail.

Rainbow Box - Outfit 010


Rainbow Box - Outfit 011


Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 012

Female hair

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 012

Male hair

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ourWorld really took everyone’s rainbow colored wishes into consideration! What do you think? Leave us a message in the comments. Although.. I think I know what your reactions are like right now ;D :

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • MsMonkey

    I got the Rainbow Arm Cuffs on my first box
    but THEN i got the Parrot Wrap on my second!
    On my third box i got which was today I got
    The Rainbow bodysuit though, ugh.

  • dana734

    ARRRGH… I tried 6 boxes and still haven’t gotten the aura or the pet… O_O

  • Dreaming Angel

    I gotta get this soon :D

    b/w BB FOR SALE :p name of ow “Dreaming Angel” ;)

  • Free Candy

    I got the long rainbow hair from the first box. This is the best luck with mystery boxes I’ve ever had.

  • Naxide

    I was so lucky i got the pet first box ._.

  • Unwanted Love 8D

    Dang, I am getting scared of getting the same thing now, lol.

  • Bright

    :I I TRYED 1000 boxes ik its alot but i did! it was like over 10000 gems!!!! ALL I WANT IS THE PET!

  • 0 Angel 0

    I keep getting the same thing, I have 8 of the wing jaket >_<!

  • AnonymousMadness

    I’m gonna get this! :D



  • Gabe

    Do you have any items i can trade for winter pets

  • Gabe

    I love the lnyx freind

  • fghjk

    do we have to buy a box for each items

  • Lucas808

    My name is Luke. I just want to know the person who wrote this news article. What is their name on OW ?

    • Ashley Tucker

      Ashley truss and Shawn Smith and Ashley Tucker and Melissa lovette

  • Nana Kennedy

    Did anyone get the second aura?

  • Twinkie 8DD

    The hair (female) looks better from the side

  • Miss_Uh_Mysterious 8D

    Cuteee 8D

  • PsychoKiller

    The bodysuit kinda looks like rubber man from american horror story… O_o

    • MsMonkey

      I still don’t get that picture, very disturbing o_o

      • PsychoKiller

        Yes I couldnt find a better one…

  • lissana1

    it so pretty can anyone gift me my name is lissana1 !!! pls ! TNX!

    • PsychoKiller


  • BL0W

    I just LOVE this stuff!

  • BL0W

    U guys are cra cra!


  • SIow SnaiI

    meow meow meow meow LOVE IT!

    add me on OW! Siow snaii :P

    () ()
    ( o . o )
    ( u u )