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Raven Mart: Sept 21st 2011

The raven mart is open today! You can check it out by going to Nevermore and clicking on the black crow. The raven mart is open every Wednesday and the items are at a 20% discount.

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • Bballjock

    …………..?????????????? Where the hell are the items!?!?!

  • Toxic Touch

    Lame Things today!

  • UV KittyKat

    Hey guys please help me get more gems, make a account and reach level 5 :)

  • Epic Sydney


  • Aslana977


  • Manipulative

    Guys!!! This is really weird but i had a gamebar and i came on and it was gone. then i tried to install again and it said it will be there when i restart fire fox so i clicked restar but i tried many times but it fais!!! Please Help!!

  • Anonymous

    Raven Mart is lame….But its kinda useful

  • The Grimm Reaper

    .Email Me On Ourworld If U Want My Gem Cheat The Grimm Reaper

  • The Grimm Reaper

    Email Me On Ourworld If U Want My Gem Cheat The Grimm Reaper

  • The Grimm Reaper

    Email Me On Ourworld If U Want My Gem Cheat The Grimm Reaper

  • MAD (SkyTears[CandyGirl222])

    i was going somewhere and i never used this offer before i coulda gotten three hundred gems and it sayed unavailable :I thx ow y the hell wood it be up then?

    • SkyTears

      OOOH now the three gem one works XO

    • Tara

      Hey, I tried. It won’t take me address. What format did you put it in.
      Like, 12-34 567th ST  Flushing, New York 12345?
      Is that how you did it?

  • Anonymous

    Add me on ow :))) Also i wait for some gifts :))) (flow batteries plz) ^_^

  • Ghetto Noodles

    No items posted? |:

    • Anonymous

      Hey umm u could just go and check urself dont be lazy :I

      • Ghetto Noodles

        Umm I kinda was planning to…? I was just saying they should post the items -____-

        • Jade

          You have got such a good point!
          Jenny, Ghetto is just saying that she thinks they should post the items.
          No big deal. I tottaly agree anyway. So quit moaning and leave your point inside your head.
          We WILL check but just it would be easier and more convinient if we did get a clue of the items.
          It’s called a waste of time otherwise.
          Ghetto, Ignore her and lead your own points and views.
          Please note: I am NOT trying to cause a argument just expressing other’s views and ideas accross this useful place called the internet.
          Please “Like if you agree”
          To all you others, i hope you agree and don’t listen to others if you don’t want to.
          Lots of love,
          Jade who always posts LOL

  • xXx Shady xXx

    im selling an enchanted unicorn horn thingy in the market place if anyone is interested let me know

    my name in ourworld : xXx Shady xXx

    also tell me if you want me to lower the prise :)

  • lilresbunny/lilredbunny

    r u trying to bug me by not posting the items anymore?

  • Anonymous

    theres nothing ever good in the raven martt >.<

    • EatMyShorts

      i always get my hair there ;o

      • The Grimm Reaper

        Email Me On Ourworld If U Want My Gem Cheat The Grimm Reaper

    • SkyTears

      ik also im in ur crew and on ur friends :DDDD

  • bralkk

    can anyone help me?!
    since the new updates I CANT LOG IN.
    the pink bar goes fastly and stos at the end and
    it shoes that error bla blah try again in a minute.
    help i tried to use different browsers it still doesnt work :(

    • Anonymous

      try these:
      1: refresh the web page.(keep repeating this for a couple of times)
      2: check the Internet connection(whether its plugged into ur computer properly or the service is still provided)
      3: Reboot ur Computer
      4: Just be patient, and retry in 1 hour
      (if it still ddnt work, retry after a day…lol)

      • Me

        It won’t same things happen to me probbley we’ll have to wait till the next upgrate to go on :/

        • The Grimm Reaper

          Email Me On Ourworld If U Want My Gem Cheat The Grimm Reaper

    • SkyTears

      happened to my bestie toooooooo

    • Destiney

      Sometimes that happens to me.
      Its usually because I have lost internet.
      Once it gets back on signal, I click try again and it works.
      I hope this helped!

  • ooosharlok

    mm .. bored from this shop .. 
    anyway i look so cute on haloween dress :P

  • I’m Youhh Mother

    I’m giving away this account.
    Level 90. 2,000,140 coins. 211 gems. Zoe club renews until end of the year. So continue zoe club until december.
    Email:, pw: jenniferskicksbig
    Bored of the account.
    It’s a girl acc..

    • Anonymous

      it doesn’t work… >.<

    • Yesi O.o

      Dont waste ur time putting fake spam like really who would belive this is a real account ?

    • Hotchick121

      can i plz hav this acc my username  is hotchick121 contact me plz

      • Hotchick121

        yeh dont wrk

    • MoonLights Angel

      Why dont you just give your account away to a friend our cousin our
      Something >.<

    • Anonymous


    • Auroragirl2011

      someone changed the info alredy :'( or your a liar XP

      • sansD

        come on isnt obvious this is just a spam?

        • SkyTears


  • Safsfsf

    raven mart sucks

  • Regita Nugraha

    Third Comment!!

  • amanu3


  • xxllamyllxx

    FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!

    • xxllamyllxx

      Add me
      level 71