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Feed The King

Golden Robot

Castle Wars 2

10800 Zombies

Bloons Tower Defense 4


Hack Slash Crawl

Counter Snipe


Army of Destruction

Gemination TD

Homerun in Berzerk Land

Island Survival



Blastoff Bunnies

Guardian Rock


Knight Elite

Humbies vs Zombans

Color Fill 2


Little Farm

Nerve Jangla

Papas Pizzeria


Crazy Go Nuts 2


Mushroom Revolution


Pin-Up Maker

Painter Wars

Doodle Devil

Gunblood Western Shootout

Now Boarding

Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2


Planetary Conflict

Doodle God


Scrap Metal Heroes

Robot Unicorn Attack

Shopping Cart Hero 2

Sacred Seasons

Search for Wondla

Justin Bieber vs Zombies

Spitfire 1940

Trap Master


UMAG Artillery


The Last Canopy

Warzone Tower Defense

  • chica33

    they should really make it to where u can have more people chatting on the chat

  • Somone


  • Häashia.ExE

    It would be rather nice if there was a way to trade those pesky coins for gems… Remember staff that once one passes level 30 the coins start to flow higher than 100,000. So it would be a great favour to the players if that was done.

    As well I must point out that gem offers do not seem to work for people outside the USA. And that is annoying. We’re missing on the good stuff!!!! Is there a good way hmm?
    At least for me once I click the offers the screen goes black and after a while it says that it aint available for my country. Perhaps cuz its Puerto Rico??? Help!

    Häashia.ExE official music sites:

  • Milena Stević

    I want the old dance planet back!!!Then the songs were much harder and the one who could play Go-Random Ninjas or Awry-Third Union was really the best! Now the hardest song is ,,Get Down,, !!! I mean come on!! PLZZZ CAN ANYONE DO SOMETHING TO BRING THE OLD SONGS BACK????? IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH <3

  • xl Rosey lx

    i have a question!
    My characters chat got disabled, how long does it last? some girl told me it lasts forever?


    What’s not improving is that people call new combers noobs, and you know what Ourworld doesn’t do crap. Even getting hacked, or pretending “Oh if you accept my Trade, i’ll get you this. Lies. LIES.LIES! You trust them and when you have a kind heart they either unfriend you block you and run away. People say. “oh it’s just a game” Yes, but you don’t know how long it took that person to get that thing they want or how precious it is, What happened if it happaned to you. You would be the one saying it’s just a game you would the same way. Then it’s ” Looks who’s talking now” I love this game. But its a waste of money and your life. Because of all this stuff I quit because nothing helped. This goes to the people who know’s this. I met kind people who would listen. Thanks<3 I hope you guys are seeing this because im right. You have to do something about this. Commment mean disagree, because you know what you can't break me, so bring it on world.
    Will you know how much it will mean if you guys would work on that? It would probably help me too. I would be happy. :) This is what exactly happend to me. ^^<3 not trying to be mean, but it's true. People have dreams and they will keep playing to achive it like you cool people on the game. Lots of you inspiared me, but after what happend to me i started to try but i gave up. I'm on lvl 50 trying to reach 100 but without help of friends or those friends who have rich friends gift them so many times you feel really left out.

  • porn


  • sam ellis hall

    Like my status if your not playing OW aNY MWOOREEEE!

  • Dreams Truth

    Why rude ppl are very rude sometimes? They said they gonna kill me unless I stop.

  • MrsBoBo <OW name

    my ourworld account was deactivated and its not fair i didn’t do anything and ourworld keeps disabling my chat now all my friend and family wont get to see me and both mine and thier lives are ruined

  • crazyzombie

    so, this is what people talk about on chats…. *stalks conversation*

  • livelife2thefullest

    YAY! ourworld is back on with cool stuff! ps:i got 51 gems 4 NOT completing an offer lol

  • Ourworld = Best

    This is my face on ourworld. Name is SomeNights 8D. And level is 76.

    • Sensual Lettuce

      No one gives a shit.

  • Ourworld = Best

    Way hay! Vote up if you like ANNOYING ORANGE!! XD

  • ( Summy )

    this is

  • gvfvfc

    yo yo yo wass up my nigaers man eating pus,sy today gonna be fun

  • Kaylee/Kat


  • Mona333

    i need more gemz :(

  • Deserae
  • Jasmine’s back, bitc..hes

    The chat is just dumb

  • lauren


  • Brooke

    i love this website its so helpful thanks guys :) ;)

  • Jas

    Yeah.. It’s Jas here… you bit.ches banned me for no reason. I just came to say… FU.CK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY STUPID AS.S MOTHERFU.CKER HOE. Good day, to u all…. bit.ches

    • Remove Ourworld

      I wonder why you didn’t know the reason why you get banned.

  • Soul Tracker

    This message is regarding a player on Ourworld called: “David Torres.” He is a big time scammer and a racist. He called a few of my black friends on the game, “Niggas” and is threatening to scam them and to ban them off the game. If you have seen this guy or if he has been addressing racist comments to you all, please immediately report him as soon as possible. Thank You for your time and patience.

  • lili rochefort

    cool games

  • Mahogany

    errbodie shutup about noobs
    if your their friends
    then you should defend them
    im a level 17
    u dnt see me complainin
    even tho we were all noobs once
    theres some conceited beyotches on this came
    so like um
    they have their opinion

    i have mines : )
    Theres like 5O% of us in the game
    and like 2O% Of theirs
    But in real life where not as obsessed as them betches on the game anyway
    so like leave it alone <.< it has been here for years. conceited and mature and nice people are in ourworld
    its exactly the same in every other game

  • Shelbi Lucas

    asdfghjkl;’ Whats up with the 12 hour (i think) new update??? 7/31/12 its 12:00 pm to 12:30 (i think) I cant wait till we gen new items! or maybe even A PRICE CHANGE! :D LIKE SOME OF THE ITEMS ARE FREE (SUCH AS VAMP TEETH) I: ANAYWAYS ADD MEH ON OURWORLD cIit c (capitol i) i t

  • Rebecca Seavey


  • homofaggotskyepiee

    this website is gay like justin bieber

    • Remove Ourworld

      Aww hater.

  • Lexiii

    LMFAO. Well most of u down there at the end of each sentence you’d put ” like if u agree” Ppl been saying all these shjt but when there’s a noob coming to you. you would all turn into a bitch. And when that noob become a high level. she/he would act like all the other ppl too so don’t bother -.- Add me Tampons.

  • iiLexi

    Add me Its Lexi 8D.

  • XxvanishXx

    like it if u love meeting frnd texting partying and always just wanna scream wen u r angry





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