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Note: expire on 2/18/13

Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
  • disqus_Joj9PXZmff

    Toolbar code- 9C3F-E0F4-A2FB-7150

  • Wael Alghzali

    OW gem code for 19-25

    facebook code:249B-A280-DE97-D60F

    Monthly code:8AF6-9A01-8F6E-B171

  • Jessie

    where is the new codes ?! :S

  • Sara

    where are the new gem codes

  • piano14

    What’s the tool bar code to make my gems 60? :))

    • piano14

      Hehe please add me “PIAN0″. thats my name in ow. dont forget to answer my question! :))


    WORKS! tysm c':

  • Sue Balderas

    249B-A280-DE97-D60F weekly gem code :))

  • Darlene Pineda

    Facebook Code- 249B-A280-DE97-D60F


    whens the new facebook code coming out?

  • SwagbroSWAG!

    Artist you retard. it’s practice. telling people how to spell and all no one is perfect so shut up. acting like a child. this is online. in computer wise. so you can use texting wise talk.

  • bunny lover



    more codes pls :|

  • Rapide

    Yea Money and Ourworld Suit Perfectly. They just try and get our money x

  • Rapide

    Wow… i got 1 gem :D

  • Fluffy!!

    Is there any prob wid my lap seldom after watchin videos on oW i dont get the gems either they giv it and take it back or they just dont giv it

  • NotATumblrGirl


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Monthly code :D

  • LightReaper

    So Only 160 Because They Never Have Monthly

  • LightReaper

    They Need To Have 1000 Gem Code We All Ned It Because.. I Cant Download Toolbar So I Only Get 10 Gems A Month Plus 150 For Resident.

  • mikenzy

    i have the toolbar installed and yet it will not let me use the tool bar gem code. can some one help?


    what about normail play whats the code

  • Gemini

    Howdy,My Names Gemini Umm If U Want To Be My Bf In Ourworld Feel Free to send me your heart My name in ourworld is gemini dawn i also need gifts so plz

  • rasheal

    does the facebook code alway start with F????????? e________O :33 just asking

  • Birdeehhh

    Monthly Code-


    • Tomorrow Far Moooo

      How would you know the Monthly Code already?

    • -Artist-




      • Birdeehhh

        Welcomes :3 and I already have Residency o_o and >.> mmm carboard…

        • Birdeehhh


        • Silverwolf2002

          Hey Can U Gift Me Then? My Name is.
          Forever Young

          • UhNo

            Be quiet, don’t ask for gifts. there’s plenty of 3 gem videos and I got 142 gems in a week just by watching videos and doing offers. >.> No one likes gift beggers. -_-

          • x Anoying Orange

            I got 500 gems in 3 weeks watching those video’s

          • henriett

            i would watch videos if i could but there are non available for me i dont know why me right?

    • Silverwolf2002

      THANK UU

    • piano14

      Thak you SO much. My gems become 50. Thanks for help, dude! hehehehe!

  • Applee

    wheres the monthly gemcode?

  • ADayDream

    Everyone that’s saying where are the monthly codes are. Just be patient is only the second week of Feb. Just Saying…


    hetsegfm n2

  • Cristal Iceheart

    i think comments should be disabled again… Some people ask really REALLY dumb questions… like ” why isn’t there a code for like 1000 gems” IDK maybe because ourWorld doesn’t want to go bankrupt? * sarcasm*

    Good questions like “the code isn’t working what should i do?” that’s OK, but the idiots who ask why there isn’t a gem code it’s because IT’S NOT OUT YET! OGC doesn’t control the codes…

    Sorry for the rant, what i’m not sorry for is call the people who ask stupid questions IDIOTS.

    If you think this is mean sorry, THE TRUTH HURTS SOMETIMES!

    • IHateOGC

      Okay. Now image that you need help because the toolbar code isin’t working. You type comment here asking for hel and someones reply too you:
      – You stupid idiot.
      How would you feel? So think about it!

      • Cristal Iceheart

        I said that was OK read my comment….

        • IHateOGC

          Sorry for that. But why to call pepole dumb?

          • -Artist-

            I Want Some gems like 1008 Gems” I MEAN WDF 10 GEMS IS ENOUGH

          • IHateOGC

            Yes ourWorld can give us 1000 gems, but they care about money. I din’t saw anyone saying this. Dont swear! No, 10 gem is not enought.
            One more thing stop sreaming! Learn sme respect!

          • -Artist-

            Dude, You Should Really Learn Your Grammar.

            How Old Are You Exactly?

          • IHateOGC

            First off all, I am girl! I’m other side of world so that why i can’t spell correct!

            Why do you care about my age? Never gonna to tell you.

          • XxPoptartxX

            You live on the other side of the world, how is that a good reason to not be able to spell??

          • IHateOGC

            Well maybe because.. ENGLISH IS NOT ANAIBLE THERE.

          • -Artist-


            Am Just Telling Where You Have Mistakes So You Can Practise Those
            Parts A Bit More , So Don’t Mind Me (:

          • HIV

            shut up, you go to her country and talk her langue and spell it properly. respect much? and ‘how old are you’ who gives an f not everyone is 18 and wasting there life on this game. i had it since i was 9. now shut the f up.

          • IHateOGC

            Thanks for sticking me up 3<

          • -Artist-


          • Zack Ryder

            no need to tell people that its dumb anyways you’d understand what she’s saying and why your asking people how old they are over the internet dude mind your own business!

            woo woo woo you know it.

            -Zack Ryder

          • -Artist-

            And You Too , Should Mind Your Own Business

          • XxPoptartxX

            Learn to spell.

          • IHateOGC

            I’m learning, in my country we don’t speak English They don’t thech at school either!

          • Nana Kennedy

            Because they don’t think, oW has to make money some how…. They do that by making prices high so people want to buy gems or do offers (which gives them money too) They try their best to make oW free for those who can’t buy gems, but they have to make money some how.

      • Its Skye

        You spelled to wrong. Well you put the wrong one. -.-

        Get it right bro.

      • Zack Ryder
    • .iJeenu8D.

      A thing to think upon. Touche.

  • mobz

    why wont the toolbar code get accepted its so annoying i have the toolbar i pt the code in but it wont get accepted do u know why?

  • angelicsnowfall

    Hmmm, i wonder why they dont put the monthly gem code anymore ~_^

    • Lightning Eyed

      The February monthly code isn’t out yet. Once it is, I’m sure they’ll post it.

  • Identity

    whats the monthly gem code ive been trying to get it for ages!

  • anionima

    what are montly code?

  • Melissa Bro

    Hi, so for the ones that say their toolbar wont work, here Is the reason: If you are using Chrome that Is the problem. For some reason It wont work on Google Chrome. Use firefox or something. If your not using Chrome, Idk.

    • IHateOGC

      Thanks for help!

      • deathnote123477

        well i do use google chrome
        but i downloaded my toolbar to
        internet explorer

        • deathnote123477

          sorry wrong person :/

          • IHateOGC

            Heppens :P

    • EpicFarts

      Thank u soo much!!!!! you’re the best!!!!! i’ve been looking for a solution for ages!!!! thx!!!!

    • Lightning Eyed

      Yep, and that’s basically the only thing I use Internet Explorer for.

  • EpicFarts

    So… for some reson i can’t use my toolbar gem code… but i have it installed.
    It always says: Make sure that the toolbar is visible…
    plz help!!!!

    • xxbubblesxx2197

      Yeah, the same things happens to me. :/ I don’t know what to do.

      • Lightning Eyed

        Use Firefox. And if you are using Firefox you have a bigger problem and should contact the ourWorld help team.


          i’m so bored

          • COOL GIRL IS TARYN

            yay im replying to my self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chizuruchan

    Ahh!! Thanx!

  • Redolence

    Will the toolbar still change every week?

  • karen gretel nieva

    how can i have 300 gems
    by not being a resident/


    again first one to comment *here* -.-



    • Milda Green

      2 – month which is February
      18 – day
      13 – 2013

    • Silverwolf2002

      its not going to. It will expire on February 18th 2013!

      -.- can you read?

  • Lalallalalaaaaa

    Thank you. :)

    • Milda Green

      you’re welcome :3