World Records

And the fastest time is…

World Record: The largest curve in a sword is swallowed will make you CRINGE!

The Guinness World Records recorded the largest curve in a sword swallowed at 133 degrees, achieved by Franz Huber in Burghausen, Germany.   This record was ...

DoDe shattered his old World Record for Super Panga World in a 1-death speedrun *24:57* DoDe, otherwise known as Dodechehedron, is one of the world's best Super Mario speed runners.  2 weeks ago, ...

SGDQ HYPE: DoDeChehedron beat the World Record for Super Panga World *28:28* The 2017 Summer Games Done Quick is upon us, and what better way to get hyped than to watch one of the best ...

Guest Post
4 Amazing World Records + 1 REALLY STUPID Fidget Spinner World Record

World Records are a measured or notable achievement for all of mankind on planet earth (assuming some of our readers are from distant planets).  The ...

And the fastest time is...
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