YouTube announced that their NEW algorithm is effective at fighting cyber terrorism

Image Credit: TubeFilter

Today, YouTube made a blog post about the success of their machine learning algorithm against terrorism.

In June, YouTube detailed four steps it would take to fight the rising tide of such objectionable content on its platform. Its announcement came amid a general backlash against the tech industry for its role in enabling hate-fueled and terrorist-related messages.

  1. Better detection and faster removal powered by machine learning;
  2. More expert partners to help identify violative content;
  3. Tougher standards for videos that are controversial but do not violate policies; and
  4. Amplified voices speaking out against hate and extremism.

Since then, advertisers have continued to pull their marketing budgets away from YouTube in favor of more control over their creative promoters.  This will ensure the value of their brands aren’t diminished by ungrateful, drama-seeking, or hateful YouTubers.  YouTubers do represent the people who are paying them whether they like to admit it or not.

Now several months later, YouTube’s updated algorithm helps in stopping the spread of poor or controversial ideas.  According to the blog post, controversial videos will be demonetized and suggested videos on the sidebar will direct people to more “considerable” content.

YouTube seems to really focus on promoting AGAINST cyber-bullying and terrorism.

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