Avakin Life BLOCKED me on Twitter because they hate me

Avakin Life is a virtual world mobile game published by LockWood Publishing.  Internet personality, Donny Pie, who creates 10-25 video series on different cultures and businesses was recently blocked from viewing Avakin Life’s Twitter account.  This came after his announcement of quitting work for the game forever.

Image Credit: Donny [email protected] Life

The reason Avakin Life blocked him is unknown.  However, one of the ambassadors of Avakin Life sent Donny a YouTube message regarding one of his videos titled “Working! FREE Avakin Life Mod Hack” which was supposed to be a joke.  Unfortunately, some younger users have been taking it seriously and have been sending Avakin Life threatening messages.

Image Credit: Donny [email protected] Life

Avakin Life used to be an +18 and older game.  This was recently changed to +13 and over, but parents should still be advised that Avakin Life isn’t kid-friendly.  Avakin Life promotes provocative dance moves along with skimpy outfits and clothing.  The game does have a chat filter, however.  Never share your personal information on anonymous games or websites.

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Love you Avakin Life :’)

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