The Different Types of People on OURWORLD

If you have been playing Ourworld long enough, then you should already be able to notice the different types of people and personalities that flow throughout the entire game. Now I’m not telling you to go judge every person you meet, but just keep in mind after watching the video the type of people you may be around.

In this video I briefly describe the different types of people you are guaranteed to run into while playing Ourworld. Whether it be the annoying noobs who ask you for gifts all day and everyday, or the all black, vamp teeth wearing rich Ourworld players who simply don’t like a lot of people except their friends.

It’s not hard to tell the type of person that someone may be, but which one do you think you are? Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with being any type of person I may have named, you are who you are. It’s what makes you, you!

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