Fan Art Saturday..!

Hello fellow OGC viewers, I have some really amazing art for you guys this Saturday. I’m really happy I came across her art throughout all the other awesome art I was looking at. This artist’s art really woke up my art buds, with her gorgeous drawings and coloring, and everything..!! *Laughs* Well..I might as well stop blabbering and show you the art. Here we are..






The artist who has drawn these gorgeous pictures is Lady Epic, you may check her out here. Wow, honestly, it’s mind blowing how some people can draw as beautifully as this. Personally, I absolutely fell in love with the very last one, it’s absolutely perfect..!! And once again, here’s another artist who can change styles really easily but still make the artwork look as beautiful as the last art piece, from realistic, to chibi. Each of the pieces shown here, are creative in their own way and very well drawn, no messiness at all, everything is literally perfect. Also, I’ve noticed that this artist draws wonderful backgrounds, which is also a prime thing to make your drawing look beautiful when you draw. It’s always nice to have a beautiful background to complete the whole drawing and not just leave it plain white. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Lady Epic in the future.



Would you like your ourWorld fan art posted on the front page of OGC? Well you may contact myself here! It’s not certain that I will post your artwork, although I shall definitely take a look at it, and it shall be judged on many things.

Banner by Destinyluvsyou




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