Game of the Week: Skywire

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In Skywire, an Arcade game, you must face the terror of nature… or is it machines?… as you guide your people in their little chair lift gondola to safety on the other side of the lake. Along the way, there are lots of different creatures who will try to knock your people out. This game was recommended by moons dark sides (yes, that guy again. Hey, he recommends good games) a while back, and I was looking through old notes of who asked for what and stumbled upon it so yay. Doug Bot also has a series of challenges relating to Skywire, where you can win badges, prizes, and extra Flow.

Here’s something I hadn’t put much thought into in previous posts… shame on me. (Since, you know, it really does apply to me.) This game is certifiably laptop-friendly, meaning that it’s not exceedingly difficult to play with a laptop. After all, the controls are the arrow keys, so…

Here are some tips:

  • Most creatures move in some kind of pattern. Take a few tries just to familiarize yourself with the patterns and the layout of each level before ‘going for the gold.’
  • Some creatures’ movement is triggered by yours, such as the bomb-dropping birds of doom.
  • You have three people in your car. Only one must make it to safety, but the other two give a good deal of bonus points.
  • Creatures are really sensitive. One touch, and they’ll knock a person out of your car.
  • The up and down arrows are the only controls in this game- up to go faster, down to brake.

Well, Emily out. (Stole that one from Tobuscus… just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?) It’s getting late and I have more finals tomorrow (though by the time this posts, it’ll be ‘today’)…

If you have a suggestion for a game, send me a message or leave a comment, either on this post or my ourWorld profile. Time prevents me from featuring every game, but I’ll try!

Now, shoo! You’ve got a job to do, getting those little people to safety!

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