Guest Post: Fat People And Liza Koshy Inspired Me NOT-TO-JUDGE

We shouldn’t be ashamed with our outer looks and with who we truly are, but nowadays people judge you by your ‘cover’  and by your inner self. The popular YouTuber, Liza Koshy, talked abut this subject in her video and tried to make her voice heard. She claimed that she was once in the situation of the ‘always judged people’ and was even more moved by the YouTube video ‘Dear Fat People‘, in which a girl talks about the problems of being fat. So Liza came up with the idea to motivate people who hate themselves into loving their own bodies. She encouraged all her viewers to not hate other people, and instead love them for the way they act and not for the way they look.

In conclusion, we should all love who we are and not take other people’s feedback too seriously. Even the smallest positivity in our lives can change us dramatically, no matter if it is from our families, our friends or from our souls. We should all tell the people we know and love how beautiful they are and how perfect are their imperfections.

Stay motivated and love yourself! :)


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