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ourWorld is cracking down on sharing social media links and are banning old accounts

According to the ourWorld forums, ourWorld will no longer allow players to share social media links whatsoever; this includes running social media events.  Also, as stated in a forum post, “Under no circumstances should you host a party on the event board along the lines of ‘KIK PARTY, SKYPE PARTY, SOCIAL MEDIA PARTY‘.”  ourWorld players have also reported old accounts that are being banned without notice.

Let’s think: To prohibit social media links is stupid; it doesn’t change anything.  Players will still add people by username on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, and other social media apps whether you share a link or not.  ourWorld allows you to share usernames; just not links.  Stupid, is it not?  Not only does this rule do nothing, but it actually hurts ourWorld users.

I run forums that prohibit certain links from being displayed; this is something a backend admin can control.  This would save the time of idiotic moderators who, apparently, don’t know what they’re doing.  The prevention of sharing social media links will limit the way users communicate in fear of being banned.  It also creates more anonymity on ourWorld, which is more harmful since anonymous-types prefer to remain unknown since those are the ones likely who have things to hide.  Please never share personal information and before you get to know someone (if you must); confirm they are who they say they are by getting their social media link.  It’s common-sense.

ourWorld users are also reporting old accounts they can no longer access.  Supposedly, ourWorld moderators are banning random accounts for whatever reason and many players are beginning to fear that they will lose items.  We suggest making multiple accounts and spreading items across those accounts to be safe.  Or, ya kno… you could just play a new game since no game should ban accounts without notice.

Thanks for reading.

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