Ourworld: Filter Free Chat!

no more filter

Ever wished you could whisper to someone without the constraints of filter?
Day dream no more! If you are a volunteer, over level 70, and have never had your chat banned; you can apply for Admin Chat.

This means no filter when you’re whispering to anyone 13 years or over.

Step One:
Apply to be an ourworld volunteer if you aren’t one yet.

Step Two:
follow this link It’s an ourWorld forum topic.

Step 3:
Log in with your usual oW logins

Forum Login

Forum Login

Step 4:
Post your request!
something like “I would like to get admin chat please” will do

Admin Chat application

Admin Chat – Request topic

admin chat confirmation email

Confirmation email

Boom! It is that simple. You’ll get a personal message at your oW inbox when it’s activated. It can take about 1-3 weeks, but it’s worth the wait.

Enjoy admin chat sensibly ;)

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