ourWorld Outfits: Original Monthly Design

Most sincere apologies to my sweet friend 3lmoo for delaying the feature of her lovely designs! ♥ It’s the first time I will be adding more than one design into a post, because a thought of a gallery came into mind. Hope you’lll enjoy viewing it!

Forum Profile For: 3lmoo

Take a look at 3lmoo’s wonderful work!

Deadly Doll


Deadly doll dress
Deadly Hair
Deadly bloody eyes
Stiching in middle of face
Stocking bottom wear.


Deadly stitched shirt
Deadly Hair
Deadly bloody eyes
Stitching In middle of face
Ripped up arm glove wear
Ripped up Deadly doll socks


This design, as 3lmoo said, was actually inspired by Katy Perry’s song ‘Part Of Me’.


Army battlefield potion
army contacts
Army shirt
Army Shorts (Mixed with light/dark green)
Army Hat
Army hair
Gun attached to back
Army socks


Army hair
Army eye contacts
Army hat
Army shirt
Army pants
Army battlefield potion
Gun attached to back (weapon)

Volcanoe Explosion:


Explosive fire Hair
Eruption shirt
Lava Eyes
Lava Coming out of eyes Tattoo
Eruption Pants
Bursting Lava Vehicle


Bursting Lava Hair
Rock solid lava shirt
Lava pants
Lava eyes
Lava bursting out eyes tattoo
Bursting lava vehicle

Emo Love:


Sparkly bow On Hair
Scene shirt
Broken heart tattoo on Stomach
Emo choker
Black nail polish on Toes
And Bottom shorts with see-Through stockings.
X -tattoo on Cheek (Black)


Emo Hair 
X-On cheek tattoo
Emo hair
Emo shirt
Emo One-Armed glove
Chained emo pants
Emo choker
Red/Black sneakers


There are even more of 3lmoo’s designs on the OGC Forums; you can sign up and check them out!


What do you think about the designs? ♥ Leave a message in the comments!


Are you a creative ourWorlder hidden within the depths of society? Have you got an amazing idea for a Monthly Set, Mystery Box or an outfit in general? I want to see it!

Post your ideas in the Art/Outfits/Stories/Videos section of the OGC Forums for a chance to have your outfit featured! Don’t have a Forums account? Click here to sign up!

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