ourWorld Rare Item of The Day: Midnight Crow Wings – Light Variant

Midnight Crow Wings – Light Variant



This week’s rare item is Midnight Crow Wings – Light Variant

Yes we all remember the tons of ourWorlders upset about this item, and fiend eyes of course, the knockoff Midnight Crow Wings. BUT WHITE.

Anywho, the box containing this item and many others was the Fright Box 2009 – Light Variant which came to ourWorld in October of 2013. This box has items from the original Fright Box, except in different colors. (Mainly white, though the dripping is black.

Not too long after the release of the box there was a Midnight Crow Wings – Light Variant on the Marketplace for 20,000,000 coins, however, the price quickly went down.

Today the price of the crow wings is pretty incredible, considering they used to be worth what, 7 million coins?

Now people are asking 60,000,000-70,000,000 coins for these wings!

I regret ever selling my 2 pairs of them. *Sob*


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