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ourWorld Saint Patrick’s Video Updates!


These features are scheduled to be released March 17th, 2014:

* New Game: Little Ninja

* Saint Patrick’s 2014 Items: In stores now, plus a Theme in furniture stores.

* Alternate Chat Style: In User Settings. Just gives the text window a different look.

* Full-Screen Mode: Under Account Settings. See below.

* Unseen Whispers Count: Number of unseen whispers now shows in chat log tab.

Known Bugs: (hopefully fixed before we go live)

* Images for Moves and Keys don’t always show. (FIXED)
* Appearance items like Vamp Teeth become unequipped when changing rooms.
* Limbs do weird things when Appearance sliders are adjusted. (FIXED)

Full-Screen Mode:

* Doesn’t work in various areas, like 3rd-party games and when watching videos.
* In multi-monitor setups, some browsers exit full screen when you click in another monitor.
* Moving cursor to very top brings up “is full screen” message. No way to fix that.
* In Full-Screen Mode, ads don’t show and room transitions are much faster.


PLAY OURWORLD: https://ourgemcodes.com/go/ourworld/
OURWORLD GUIDE: https://www.ourgemcodes.com

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