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Read before post by Ben: ourWorld Trading System

ourWorld recently introduced a new trading system.  It’s simple and easy to use.  And although this has not yet been confirmed, we assume ourWorld will adopt a similar trading system (if not the same one).

See an item on the marketplace?  Click the “Offer Trade” button.  A window will appear, with the item you want on the left-side, and the item(s) you’re willing to trade on the right-side.  You can only trade items around the same Marketplace Average value.  After you finish a trade, ourWorld will send you a message.

See the steps below for a visual explanation, as introduced in ourWorld:

Step 1: Pick An Item “For Trade”

Visit the Marketplace and select an item you want to trade for.
Once you see an item, click “Offer Trade”


Step 2: Make an Offer

A window will appear with the item you want on the left-side,
And the item(s) you’re willing to trade on the right-side.
You can only trade item(s) around the same Marketplace Average value (MPA).
You can trade more than 1 item, as long as it’s equivalent to the MPA.

Step 3: Accept or Decline Offer

You will receive a message in the new “Trades” tab after the player accepts/declines your offer.

How to Trade ourWorld Items

In order to trade items, you must be a resident or in Zoe’s Club.
The listing fee for trading an item is 4 gems (free for Zoe’s).  You may add a description, as well.


Wanna see the ourWorld trading system in action?
Become a Volunteer!

Visit OGC Forums to offer specific trades for ourWorld items

A trading system will come to ourWorld by the end of November.
Again, it has not been confirmed whether or not the above system will be used.

Credits: Skye Pie, Weenis, and Obsessive

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